China's homemade 'Rainbow 5' drone completes live-

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China's homemade 'Rainbow 5' drone completes live-fire exercise

China's homemade CH-5 drone carries out live-fire exercise. [Photo/]

China's unmanned aerial vehicle CH-5, or "Caihong (Rainbow) 5," completed a live-fire exercise earlier this month. The CH-5 is the latest drone developed by the Chinese Academy of Aerospace and Aerodynamics.

According to deputy chief designer Lan Wenbo, the CH-5 has already completed performance flWhile expressing China's support for dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington on denuclearizationight testing and entered into small-scale production. The drone, which measures about 11 meters in length and stands over four meters high, has a wingspan of 21 meters. It is China's largest drone for reconnaissance, surveillance, patrols, target positioning, and strike missions.

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