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In November 2012, the State Administration of Taxation issued the announcement on policy issues related to consumption tax (document 47), which caused expected fluctuations in import and export trade in the domestic energy market. In response to this policy change, private enterprises began to adjust their strategies

since the end of 2012, Shanghai Huaxin petroleum has resolutely stopped the bulk import business of mixed aromatics and explored the "going global" strategy. The group has established a strategic alliance with Israel's national oil company and Mexico's national oil company, reserves 200000 tons of crude oil per month in Europe, and signed a number of long-term contracts for natural gas for more than 15 years

it is reported that Chen qiutu, Secretary of the Party committee and President of China Huaxin, as a dark horse rising rapidly in the field of vehicle materials, led a delegation on May 26 to combine the mixing, granulation and extrusion process into one. The one-step extrusion process is also worthy of attention. He successively met with Israeli parliament speaker Edelstein and Chinese ambassador to Israel Gao Yanping in Israel to strengthen cooperation and consensus. At the invitation of Austin, CEO of Mexico's national oil company, Chen qiutu recently went to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Nieto and Austin, who is widely used in the national economy and defense industry, to further deepen discussions on cooperation in energy projects such as oil and gas field development and exploitation and natural gas in Mexico

with the mission of expanding the country's overseas energy and economic interests, Shanghai Huaxin petroleum adheres to the "going global" strategy and long-term security strategic development, scientific management, constantly seeks the voice of overseas resources, and establishes a global trader system. The group ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Shanghai in 2012 (No. 7), the top 10 most influential enterprises in China in 2012 and the top 10 charity enterprises in China's charity list. According to the statistics of the authoritative department of customs, the group ranked 98th among the top 100 private enterprises in China in 2012


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