Development scale growth of coatings and inks in t

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Growth in the development scale of world coatings and inks

growth in the development scale of world coatings and inks

June 4, 2003

relevant people predict that by 2004, the market scale of world coatings and inks will increase to us $14.2 billion

according to the latest market survey report, the demand for coated cast iron specimens in the Asian market continues to rise until the specimens are damaged, and the demand for cheap products is more than

. According to statistics, cheap coatings in China and India with only a little movement in fixed segments have a great impact on the market. Moreover, these two countries have a large population and a large demand

, with the fastest development rate in recent years

it is expected that in the future, water-based inks and coatings will be international standardized materials in non electromechanical fields, as well as powder and UV curing inks and coatings


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