Packaging Australia 2015 in Melbourne

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In 2015, the Australian international packaging exhibition was held in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center

[China Packaging News] the Australian international packaging exhibition was hosted by the Australian Packaging Machinery Association for the final oxidation treatment of the product. It was held in Sydney and Melbourne every two years. So far, it has been successfully held for 17 times. Australia International Packaging Fair is the only international packaging and processing machinery fair in Australia. It is also Australia's largest international packaging fair with closed-loop automatic control. In 2013, the exhibition had a net exhibition area of 18000 square meters. There were 308 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, including 1074 brands. The number of international exhibitors increased from 44 in 2011 to 112. The 2013 exhibition was the most visited in Sydney, with 5921 visitors

exhibition time: March, 2015

exhibition venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center

holding cycle: Biennial

China exhibition organization: Beijing Xinmei International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

exhibition scope:

various food processing technologies and machinery: Food and beverage, beer, wine, fruit juice processing and packaging equipment, fruit and vegetable processing and packaging equipment, meat food, dairy processing, canning, frozen food, fast food Food, snack food, bakery food, puffed food, candy processing equipment, service facilities and environmental protection equipment, etc. All kinds of packaging technology, packaging machinery and packaging materials. Prepress: plate making equipment system, CTP, software; Printing: machinery, light printing, digital printing equipment, spare parts; Post press: folding, binding, cutting foundation and utilization research parallel preparation and printing machinery; Labeling, marking, coding and identification machinery; Paper processing machinery, equipment, spare parts and corrugated board production machinery, equipment, spare parts; Packaging machinery: various packaging machinery, beverage, beer, wine, fruit juice liquid packaging equipment, powder and particle packaging equipment, pharmaceutical and daily chemical product packaging equipment, canning equipment, testing equipment, parts and components, packaging technology. Metering and filling machinery, filling machinery, sealing machinery, labeling machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, blister packaging machinery, sterile packaging machinery, heat shrinkable packaging machinery, strapping machinery, coding machine; Packaging raw materials (paper, plastic particles, metal, etc.); Non printing film and plastic sheet; Glue, ink, varnish and pigment; Paper and paperboard; Plastic, printing film; Metal; Glass; Containers and parts packaging materials and other packaging products; Packaging, parts and accessories


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