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How to improve the added value of instrument industry products

[Guide: with the rise of raw materials and labor costs, this has become a problem that enterprises must face in order to achieve long-term development. How to improve the added value of products in the instrument industry?]

with the recovery of the global economy, the export growth data of various industries have been gratifying in the past few months. The instrumentation industry is no exception. Xi Jiacheng, special consultant of China Instrument and meter industry association, pointed out that the production and sales growth of instrument and meter industry in 2010 is expected to be about 11%, with a range of 9%~15%; The profit growth rate is about 10%, ranging from 8% to 15%; Imports and exports may be growing at a low medium speed

according to customs statistics, in the first half of this year, China's import and export of instruments and meters reached 32.89 billion US dollars, an increase of 60.3% over the same period last year. Among them, the export of servo mold plug system and 3-axis manipulator instruments and meters reached 20.25 billion US dollars, an increase of 77.6%, and the average export price was 40.3 US dollars, down 13.3%. The export of instruments and meters reached US $12.64 billion, an increase of 51.9%. The average export price was US $22.6, down 30%, and processing trade accounted for more than 80%

therefore, the export of instrument and meter industry has entered the era of double ten billion yuan. However, from the above data, it is not difficult to see that although China's instrument industry has increased in exports, most of them are exported in the form of processing trade. Like many industries, this low value-added export mode is based on low cost, and the profit margin is limited in a large degree

therefore, a big problem, which is also the old growth talk, is placed before our industry: how to improve the added value of products in the instrument industry? With the rise of raw materials and labor costs, this has become a problem that enterprises must face in order to develop in the long run

I. additional quality. As the name implies, we have made great efforts to improve the quality and provide better and higher quality products than our competitors. This is the most frequently used method by some excellent small and medium-sized instrument enterprises. They improve the product process through R & D investment, so as to add scientific and technological elements to improve the added value of the product, and reposition the product to break through the vicious price competition in the market where the product is located. We believe that the benefits of technology to products go far beyond these. In the near future, the speed and quality of using science and technology to improve the added value of products will be higher and higher

II. Channel addition. It is to enhance their own value with the help of the value of the channel. For example, Jinzhou precision instruments encountered by the author, although the scale of the enterprise is small, they position the production of temperature instruments in the high-end channel. They have improved the value and achieved green through the cooperation with aviation and other special requirements: the breakthrough of the product

III. additional product appearance. Although the instrument industry does not pay much attention to the design of instrument appearance, in the tide of imitating foreign instruments in recent years, many insiders are embarrassed that why even the appearance of foreign instrument products should be imitated together. Some improvements on the appearance of some products may bring different results to the enterprise

IV. addition of service: service has now become the core mode of enterprise competition. According to a data, the profit margin of any enterprise that provides better service is 7% higher than that of its competitors. This is an important factor why Haier can become the leading brand of China's home appliances. The author bought Haier air conditioner and there was no problem for more than four years. Later, the machine made noise and gave Haier customer warranty, During the maintenance process, I didn't drink a cup of water or smoke a cigarette. What's more difficult and valuable is that after the repair, the author received from Haier's maintenance department and customer service department five months a month, asking whether the repair was completed, whether they were satisfied with the repair, and what else they need help. Such meticulous service really brings great value. Imagine what brand consumers will buy when they buy Haier's appliances and replace them next time

v. additional solutions. For many industries, high-quality products and services are not enough, but also to create better and more value for consumers. Most of these additions are adopted by large instrument enterprises, such as the one-stop purchasing experience of Siemens instruments, which saves customers in the industry the trouble of purchasing various sporadic products. For example, Endress Hauser instrument puts forward solutions for the metallurgical industry, ship automation, logistics, water treatment and other industries, so as to make the perfect combination of products and services

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