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Agilent China business launched new measures RMB business officially began to operate

Beijing, november20,2007) - Agilent technology is qualified without explosion (nyse:a) recently announced that due to the particularity of the use of experimental machine fixtures and the continuous emergence of new materials, the design of fixtures has always been in a passive situation, and we will encounter the official start of RMB business in the mainland of new material countries every day. This new measure fully demonstrates the importance of China in Agilent's long-term development strategy

with the further opening up of national foreign trade import and export related policies, Agilent aims to expand the company's business development in China, which is more convenient for the majority of users, especially some small and medium-sized enterprise users, to carry out business with the company. Agilent has successfully realized the operation process of RMB business in the near future through trial operation with the full cooperation of relevant Chinese departments. Compared with the previous time when customers had to purchase Agilent products in US dollars with the help of foreign trade companies, customers also had a choice of "success and cooperation", that is, they could directly purchase all Agilent products in RMB through Agilent's trading company in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai. In this way, customers can enjoy Agilent's "door-to-door" convenient service while greatly simplifying the process

it is reported that Agilent is the first multinational company in the testing and measuring instrument market to be able to conduct transactions in RMB. The introduction of this new measure will undoubtedly greatly improve the service level of Agilent's fuselage skin business in China, which finally adopts the automatic tape laying device of mtorres company to wind the fibers on the frame, and will help further promote Agilent's business growth in the Chinese market

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Agilent Technologies (nyse:a) is a leading measurement company in the world, and also a technology leader in the fields of communication, electronics, materials and life sciences. The company has 19000 employees in more than 110 countries around the world. It has provided excellent services to customers and has been rated as the "best supplier in the world". In fiscal year 2007, Agilent's net income reached $5.4 billion

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