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Nowadays, more and more brand businesses like to invite stars to endorse or give activity platforms, but Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd. has been popular with more and more consumers for so many years without inviting a star. What is the charm of meinimei

nowadays, more and more brand businesses like to invite stars to endorse or give activity platforms to advertise their fame and influence. However, Guangzhou meinimei Furniture Co., Ltd. has become a "Muggle". For so many years, it has been loved by more and more consumers and attracted many dealers. What is the charm of meinimei

when talking about meinimei, many people may know that it is a customized furniture brand. Its main products include wardrobe, bookcase, sliding door, shoe cabinet, wine cabinet, bucket cabinet, cloakroom, TV cabinet, porch cabinet, and other supporting furniture of the whole house, with product styles of up to 12 series. We have a factory of 100000 square meters, built a garden type production workshop of more than 30000 square meters, and now expand a new workshop of more than 4000 square meters, which has the one-stop full house customization service ability of "design, production, sales, installation and after-sales"

however, many people do not know that meinimei, founded in 2011, has developed rapidly. In more than five years, it has attracted nearly 200 dealers to join, and has become the fastest-growing customized brand in Guangdong Province. Although meinimei has not yet become a first-line major brand, it has many advantages that first-line customized furniture brands cannot match, that is, plate! Compared with blindly inviting stars to stir fry "popularity and influence", meinimei prefers to be down-to-earth and pay attention to materials

board can be said to be the foundation of a customized furniture brand. Whether it is customized wardrobe, cabinet, sliding door, TV cabinet, etc., it is inseparable from board. With the improvement of residents' living standards, people are also increasingly advocating the concept of green and environmental protection. When choosing furniture, they gradually take the formaldehyde emission of furniture as the focus of consideration. The environmental protection grade of furniture using plates has become a magic weapon for major customized furniture brands to seize market share

meinimei has its own plate factory, and all products of the brand use EO grade plates with the highest environmental protection grade. It is committed to creating a green home living space, so that consumers can buy it at ease and use it comfortably. Although stars were not invited to publicize the brand, the product quality of meinimei customized furniture "using good cores and safe materials" has won unanimous praise from consumers, which not only consolidated the brand image but also continuously expanded its popularity

we have practiced the brand value concept of "originating from beauty and sharing beauty" with practical actions, and gained the recognition and favor of so many consumers and dealers with our strength. It can be seen how charming the brand of customized furniture of meinimei is





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