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3.15 on the consumer rights day, baidibao, one of the top ten Chinese plate brands, communicates with nature with the heart of craftsman, and interprets the pure and green home life grown from the land

3.15 consumer rights day

baidibao, one of China's top ten plate brands,

communicate with nature with the heart of craftsman,

interpret the pure and green home life grown from the land

baidibao board takes quality as its root

it comes from nature to lead the healthy baidibao board, and does not give up any opportunity to improve the environmental protection performance of products

consumers' eyes are always bright and accurate. After time's precipitation and the accumulation of public praise, users have labeled baidibao board with three labels: "preferred material", "craftsmanship and Seiko" and "ecological home"

optimize materials: baidibao plate integrates resources, controls the supply of raw materials, and through the procurement mode of base, scale and strategic supply and demand, it can reduce the cost of raw materials on the premise of ensuring the quality of raw materials, effectively ensure the stability of baidibao's product quality and price system, and greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise

ingenuity and precision: the environmental protection grade of the products sold by baidibao meet the national standards, and the technical indicators are higher than the industrial export standards

constantly optimizing equipment, improving production capacity and fine management are the prerequisites for brand development and expansion. It is the professional attitude of baidibao people to integrate ingenuity into every link of design, production, management and service, so as to ensure the quality of products. Baidibao board is a group of craftsmen with professional and dedicated feelings, which can stand the test and is genuine and sincere

ecological home: health and environmental protection have become the theme of the times, and green home is the urgent demand of modern people

from the beginning of the establishment of the brand, baidibao has always insisted on being a "clean stream" in the decoration material industry: the rise of high-rise buildings should never be at the cost of the disappearance of green, and the significance of living is inseparable from nature

baidibao board uses pollution-free, poison free, high-quality home decoration board to create an environment-friendly, ecological and peaceful home environment for everyone who loves home, so that the way home becomes the home of the soul


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know how to love yourself

create a trendy home for people who love home

If you want to protect the environment, choose baidibao

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