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Experts teach you to check and accept the solid wood floor of the decorated house

>& gt;& gt; Niuren explains the floor installation in detail. Novice can also change the floor expert

the quality of the floor directly affects the living quality and overall beauty of the house. Therefore, in the process of house inspection, floor acceptance is an important link in the acceptance process of fully decorated houses. The "common diseases" of wood floors in fully decorated houses mainly include: color difference, bulge, deformation, height deviation, noise when walking and treading, eye decay, cracks, scratches, etc. According to the house inspector, the floor problem of the decorated house is relatively prominent at present

the acceptance of solid wood flooring first depends on whether the color of the floor is consistent. If the color difference is too large, which directly affects the beauty, you can ask for replacement; If the color is too consistent and there is almost no color difference, it depends on whether the patterns on the floor surface are the same. If the patterns are similar, it may be craft wood flooring, rather than the so-called precious wood flooring. At present, some flooring material suppliers use general wood flooring, but paste a layer of wood veneer of precious wood species on the surface to make it inferior. The reverse side is pasted with aluminum, which is said to be used to prevent moisture. In fact, they are afraid of being seen that the pattern on the reverse side is inconsistent with that on the front

the second is to see whether there is a sound on the floor. Walk back and forth on the floor during acceptance, and step harder. Pay more attention to the acceptance, especially at the part close to the wall and the door opening. If you find a sound, walk repeatedly, determine the specific position of the sound, and make a mark. In this case, demolition and resurfacing can be required. The part with sound is caused by the non-standard operation and unqualified materials used by the construction personnel during the construction process. The nonstandard operation is mainly reflected in the insecure fixation of the ground keel; The unqualified materials are mainly reflected in the fact that the ground keel has not been dried

some decoration construction units use the ground keel that has not been dried for construction. There are traces of drying on the surface, but it is not dry in fact. The specification stipulates that the moisture content of decorative wood products should be controlled at about 12%. The keel with high moisture content will shrink in volume during the natural drying of wood, resulting in looseness. Thirdly, check and accept whether the floor is deformed and warped. The method of acceptance is to use a 2-meter-long ruler to lean against the floor, and the flatness should not be greater than 3 mm. Take several more measurements. If the qualified rate is more than 80%, it will be regarded as qualified, otherwise, it will be unqualified

sometimes we will find that the floor is partially arched: if it is a solid wood floor, it is because it is paved too tightly or the floor is too dry (the moisture content is too low); If it is a composite floor, the quality of the floor is poor. Therefore, floor arching is a serious quality problem

finally check and accept whether the surface of the floor has holes, cracks and scratches. It is common that there are moths in the ground keel because it has not been treated. When it is found that there are cavities, the floor has been almost eaten; Cracks and scratches can be seen at a glance. The specification stipulates that the floor gap should not be greater than 0.5mm; Scratches are mainly caused by rough decoration. If they cannot be repaired by waxing, they must be replaced




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