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Many people think that if there is the best decoration materials, everything will be fine. In fact, it is not true. Decoration is not only related to the quality of decoration materials, but also closely related to the decoration season. Today, let's talk about 7 points for attention in summer decoration of Zijia doors and windows

in order to ensure the quality of decoration, many people often choose the best decoration materials, but the house decorated last summer, this year not only the floor deformation, wall tiles fall off, but also the sliding door is not easy to use. This may be because you didn't pay attention to some details when decorating. You know, there are many things you need to pay attention to in summer decoration. If you want to decorate your house in summer, Zijia doors and windows remind you to pay attention to the following problems:

first, pay attention to the moisture resistance of materials

in summer, the air temperature is high, and wood, board, gypsum board and other materials that are easy to absorb moisture are very susceptible to moisture during transportation or storage, which greatly reduces the quality of decoration. Therefore, materials should be placed indoors in a ventilated and dry place, away from windows and water sources. If there is a place to place materials at home, you can buy the damp prone materials you will use early before summer

if the semi-finished wood, wooden floor or wooden door or painted furniture has been affected by moisture, do not expose it to the sun. It should be placed in a ventilated and dry place for natural air drying, otherwise it is easy to deform and affect the construction quality. If wood plastic materials can be used instead, it is recommended to use wood plastic products, which are beautiful, moisture-proof and stable. And now there are many kinds of wood plastic products on the market: wood plastic doors, wood plastic floors, etc

II. Summarize the law of coating

affected by the hot climate in summer, the construction personnel should pay special attention to its stability, bonding strength and initial drying crack resistance in the treatment of interior wall coating. These characteristics can be summarized by observing and comparing the subtle points

III. pay attention to thermal expansion and cold contraction

pay attention to thermal expansion and cold contraction when measuring or installing plastic steel doors and windows, sliding doors and paving floors. Plastic steel is a material greatly affected by temperature. If the size arrangement is too compact during decoration in summer, cracks will appear in winter due to the decrease of temperature, so the size of plastic steel doors and windows should be considered comprehensively; When paving the floor or floor tile, the gap should be arranged more closely than in winter, so as to avoid the gap becoming larger and affecting the beauty when the temperature drops

1. The floor batten can be installed at the joint between the wall and the floor to form a transition, which can not only deal with the problem of excessive gap between the wall and the floor, but also look beautiful

2. When paving the solid wood floor, we should grasp the measure and leave a certain expansion space for the solid wood floor. Too large or too small floor gap will affect the paving effect

3. For indoor doors, especially toilet doors, or cities located by the sea, the better suggestion is to use wood plastic doors. Wood plastic doors have the advantages of green environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, non deformation, and can well solve the decoration troubles caused by temperature changes

IV. control the setting time

in summer, it is high temperature and dry, and the setting time of decoration materials is fast. Therefore, when dealing with gypsum, cement and other materials, the setting time should be strictly controlled to make it reach the standard compressive strength, tensile strength and fineness, so as to avoid unnecessary waste

v. do a good job in the treatment of facing base course

in summer, wall tiles and floor tiles are drier than those in other seasons, so they cannot bond firmly with cement, and there will be hollowing, falling off and other phenomena. Therefore, before bonding the floor tiles and treating the walls, it is best to splash water on these materials first, let them absorb water for about half an hour, and then use cement sand or gypsum powder for priming to ensure the firmness of the adhesion

VI. be careful in rainy days

do not paint or lay the floor in rainy days. A layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of wood products in rainy days. If paint is applied in rainy days, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products muddy. If the floor is laid in rainy days, deformation or hollowing is easy to occur, especially on the first floor, which is easier to damp proof

VII. Attention should be paid to decoration pollution

research data show that summer is the peak period of indoor harmful gas release, which is 20% to 30% higher than usual. If you are in time for summer decoration, you can take the following measures:

1. Ensure a certain ventilation time to keep the indoor air circulating and release harmful gases

2. Some products that can effectively remove indoor harmful gases can be selected, such as applying formaldehyde sealer products on the surface of furniture emitting formaldehyde to reduce formaldehyde emission; Adsorb formaldehyde with activated carbon and other adsorption products; Use green plants to reduce the concentration of indoor harmful gases




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