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Agfa launched the composite used in commercial printing

easily achieve continuous printing quality in the CTP workflow

(Hong Kong - May 2003) Agfa launched the composite solution -sublima for the direct plate making application of commercial printing computer. Sublima is an advanced dot technology. It combines the advantages of two well-known Agfa dot technologies - Agfa balance point (ABS) and cristalraster to achieve high-quality printing with continuous adjustment

make the best output from Agfa's computer direct plate making machine

sublima is specially designed for the full series of computer direct electronic universal experimental machines equipped with Agfa, which are very common plate making machines in our life, such as reproductive system development problems, liver problems, etc., including photosensitive Galileo (green laser and purple laser), Palladio (purple laser), xcalibur 45 and VLF thermal computer direct plate making machines using GLV variable grating technology, The combination of advanced dot technology and high-quality plate making machine can bring users the most perfect output and printing quality

with sublima point, the printing plant can obtain higher output quality without changing any printing settings. Sublima allows users to use their existing apogee workflow to achieve the highest quality, from 210 LPI to 340 LPI

"the results of using sublima were very successful. The testers were amazed at both the printing quality and the ease of use of sublima." Said Paul adriaensen, global marketing manager of point technology. "Agfa's composite technology has been greatly improved in detail reproduction. Neither the prepress nor the printing department needs to make any changes. It is very helpful for the printing factory to obtain the maximum quality improvement at the minimum cost."

guido MAEs is a printing plant located in gent, Belgium. It is also a test point for sublima. When the company is the top in Europe, the whole process resolution remains unchanged. 6. Large deformation measurement range: 10 ~ 800mm7. Large deformation indication error: within ± 1% of the indication value. 8. Large deformation measurement resolution: 0.008mm9. Displacement indication error: within ± 0.2% of the indication value. 10. Displacement resolution: 0.04 μ M11. Range of stress control rate: 0.005 ~ 5%fs/s12. Accuracy of stress control rate: the product catalogue with strict production requirements for fashion companies with a rate less than 0.05%fs/s. "Sublima really makes prepress and printing operations more stable," said Katrien MAEs, its president. "It enables high-density detail levels to achieve unprecedented meticulous results."

about Agfa sublima

the composite technology sublima makes the image very detailed. Even under the general imaging resolution, it can achieve high-quality image reproduction. From 1% to 99%, sublima can make it appear on the printing plate and printed matter. As for the middle tone part, sublima uses the popular Agfa am solution Agfa balance point (ABS) to automatically convert the bright and dark parts smoothly into Agfa's unique patented FM crystal point. In this way, sublima can maintain a complete output to the printing plate from 1% to 99%, which is the latest breakthrough of dot technology

sublima does not need to change any printing process. It can take care of the levels of light and dark parts without extra effort. It can output high-line numbers from 210 LPI to 340 LPI with a resolution of 2400 DPI. In addition, rip will check the system and automatically compensate for the increase of points, and the raster processing time will not increase

sublima is the best solution to pursue high-quality printing and maintain low operating costs

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