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Zhonglian after sales service engineer songshuaiqi: warmth in winter

Zhonglian after sales service engineer songshuaiqi: warmth in winter

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"I always put customers first and use sincere service to move customers to promote industrial transformation and upgrading!"—— This is often said by songshuaiqi, after-sales service engineer of Zoomlion concrete machinery company. Songshuaiqi has been engaged in after-sales service in Zoomlion for more than four years. He has always adhered to the concept of customer first and attentive service, adhered to the position of using the experimental machine for the better use of the majority of users with a sincere heart, and fulfilled his commitment to the company and customers with a strong heart. This has not only touched the hearts of customers, but also made the company's brand widely praised by customers

song shuaiqi is overhauling equipment for customers.

"since you have chosen to do after-sales service, don't be afraid of wind, frost, rain and snow!"

in 2014, the winter in Hailar, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region came earlier than usual, and the lowest temperature at night in October reached minus 156 degrees. 2. Overview of the construction project, which is a critical period when all commercial and mixed stations are scrambling for the construction period, a customer's commercial and mixed station called Zoomlion service station and reported that the equipment was faulty. In Hailar area, due to the weather, the winter break begins at the end of October every year. Therefore, at this time of year, all mixing plants will finish their final production tasks before the end of October. After receiving the information, songshuaiqi had no time to take into account the cold. He immediately drove more than 200 kilometers with his tools to the customer's construction site

it was already more than 4:00 p.m. when he arrived at the customer's construction site. Songshuaiqi threw himself into the inspection of the equipment without taking a rest. After careful inspection, it was judged that the inclined belt reducer was not maintained on time, resulting in failure. However, contacting the reducer manufacturer at this time will definitely delay production. After consulting with the customer, song shuaiqi decided to dismantle the reducer first, purchase parts in the market for replacement, and resume production as soon as possible. During the maintenance, the low temperature and the weight of the reducer made it difficult to disassemble. In order not to delay the customer's production, song shuaiqi cooperated with the customer's site personnel to disassemble the reducer in the environment of more than ten degrees below zero at night, found the damaged gear, and then took the core to find the corresponding accessories in the market and reassembled it. The next morning, the mixing plant finally resumed production, and songshuaiqi's service was highly appreciated by customers. Songshuaiqi said to the customer, "since I have chosen to do after-sales service, I am not afraid of wind, frost, rain and snow. If you have any problems in the future, just call me."

"every service and maintenance should be studied and improved!"

the after-sales service is full of challenges. When the user's equipment has problems, the after-sales service personnel are under great pressure. Therefore, it is very important for after-sales service personnel to accumulate experience, study technology and improve skills. Songshuaiqi said: "every service and maintenance should be studied and enterprising." He has always maintained a good habit of recording the problems encountered in each service process, carefully consulting the data after work, and actively considering solutions in combination with relevant principles. In the long run, songshuaiqi has accumulated a lot of valuable experience. The next time he encounters a similar or the same problem, he can adopt a faster and simpler method to solve it

once, song shuaiqi was contacted urgently when there was a problem with a customer's product. As soon as song shuaiqi arrived at the scene, after a brief inspection, he determined the problem points according to his own experience, and returned to the office as soon as possible to collect accessories, so that the customer's products returned to normal. On that day, the temperature dropped to minus 16 degrees. Songshuaiqi came to the construction site from the office with accessories, but he was very tired and sweated. The customer was very grateful

the market competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the competition has gradually shifted from early sales to late service, which puts forward higher requirements for after-sales service. If you want to be a qualified after-sales service personnel, you should not only be satisfied with the intact rate and low failure rate of the equipment, but also pursue the user's satisfaction. The oil leakage of the oil system is usually the buffer valve. Song shuaiqi always put customers first, set an example for the majority of after-sales service personnel, and created intangible brand value for the company in his ordinary work

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