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Recently, four kinds of special valves for high-speed rail developed by 695 plant of Henan Aerospace Industry Corporation of China Aerospace Science and industry successfully passed the audit of Beijing saide high tech Railway Electric Technology Co., Ltd. with a high score of 97.3 points. So far, the technical level of the electromagnetic valve, pressure reducing valve and other products developed by the factory for high-speed trains has reached the level of similar foreign products

as the only military enterprise specialized in valve production of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, plant 695 is striving to build a research and development team with high professional technology and strong business ability by relying on its core technology advantages such as process and design formed by engaging in aerospace special valves for more than 20 years

on the basis of independent innovation, the factory has continuously introduced, digested and absorbed foreign advanced technology, made breakthroughs in the development of design, process, raw materials, production, manufacturing, testing, testing and after-sales service, and made a key step in the localization of special valves for high-speed trains

try to replace the imported high-speed railway

the solenoid valve is the pilot valve of the power receiving control system of the high-speed train, which serves as the control circuit

695 factory was inspired by the failure maintenance of the solenoid valve product produced by Alstom in France, which was assembled on domestic high-speed trains, and saw the market prospect of the product. In January, 2010, the factory set up a special valve project team for high-speed trains, and began to research and develop four special valves for high-speed railways, including one solenoid valve, two electromagnets and one voltage regulator

on the basis of the high attention of the factory leaders and the in-depth investigation of the development status at home and abroad by the new product Committee, and in combination with the actual needs of domestic users, the project team boldly proposed to take the route of original innovation, integrated innovation and large-scale promotion of core technologies to carry out the research, development and prototype production of the project

during the development process, the project team submitted the document list, supplier grading evaluation form and supplier evaluation questionnaire according to the qualification review of potential suppliers, made targeted plans, conducted detailed internal review on the plant resource allocation and the operation of the quality management system twice, and seriously rectified the non-conforming items found, Before the two parties' review, the products shall be submitted to the locomotive and vehicle inspection station of the product quality supervision and inspection center of the Ministry of Railways for identification test

the appraisal results show that the product performance meets the requirements of the technical agreement and can replace the imported products. At present, the customer has agreed to load the approved products for trial use

there are many innovations in the new solenoid valve

695 factory developed the solenoid valve for high-speed trains. It is the first clapping structure and two position three-way solenoid valve of the factory, with many technological innovations

in terms of technology, the traditional process of hot pressing fluoroplastics on metal cushions for imported products has been changed, and rubber materials have been used for sealing, completely eliminating the air leakage range of imported products in terms of sealing performance; The structure of the main valve and the auxiliary valve is improved to reduce the response time and improve the response speed of the solenoid valve

in addition, the project team has independently increased the working air gap on the new solenoid valve according to the previous experience in repairing the fault of the solenoid valve products produced by Alstom company for the French check indicator lamps assembled on domestic high-speed trains. In this way, according to the adjustment requirements of response time, the solenoid valve no longer needs to be repaired at the origin, but only needs to adjust the working air gap on the locomotive, which not only saves time, but also greatly reduces the repair cost

Durable sealing and cushioning performance and good chemical resistance

in terms of appearance, the project team has also made improvements to increase the observability of the product

at present, the solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve and other products developed by plant 695 for high-speed trains have the potential to replace imported products. At the same time, the research, production and testing capabilities of valves supporting high-speed trains have also been tested

this series of technical reserves and work preparations make the plant confident in becoming a domestic supplier to replace the high-speed rail valve import enterprises in the next step

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