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Recently, aerospace heavy engineering equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aerospace heavy industry) officially launched a 40 day batch production of wll-5 and wlr-19b products to carry out special quality rectification activities to meet users' requirements for the reliability, maintainability and stability of delivered products

100% <0.1% rejection

it is understood that wll-5 and wlr-19b are just product codes, which are implemented in specific names, namely, the 5-ton explosion-proof trackless rubber wheel material transport vehicle for mining and the 19 person explosion-proof electric trackless rubber wheel personnel transport vehicle. As soon as these two types of mining trucks came out, they were highly concerned by the market and users, and were magnified with the honor of "Tesla among special vehicles"

Aerospace heavy industry carried out special quality rectification activities

the two types of mining vehicles, with the strong advantages of "zero emission, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, high life and easy maintenance", solved the shortcomings of the existing mining explosion-proof diesel vehicles, such as "high pollution, high fuel consumption, high noise, high failure, low life and difficult maintenance". Because the product can make the underground workers breathe the same air as the ground, it is deeply welcomed by the front-line mine workers. It is praised by users and the media as "a landmark modern green mine environmental protection intelligent auxiliary transportation equipment", and has become the first work to create the world's first "zero emission green mining roadway"

is such an explosion-proof trackless rubber wheel material transport vehicle with a bright future. However, when it entered mass production, the first one had quality problems in the assembly process, which became a stumbling block to the production progress and delivery of the product. It is conceivable that as one of the products that can best represent the strength of the company and also bring economic growth points to the company, quality rectification is imminent

yangchenghua, deputy general manager of aerospace heavy industry, stressed that quality rectification requires everyone to go all out. The rectification content should be the whole process and all-round, and the experience of "five self and one control" of machine overtime must be applied in place

yangchenghua's "five self and one control" experience of machine overtime is the trial operation activity of "self inspection, self division, self filling, self inspection, self correction and control of self inspection and self division accuracy" carried out by the company in the machine overtime of the manufacturing department some time ago. During the 45 day activity, the overtime personnel of the machine insisted on the "three no" operation method of "no operation until the drawings are understood, no operation until the process documents are digested, and no operation until the difficult problems are solved". The products are processed in strict accordance with the "drawings, processes, and standards", so that the self inspection accuracy of the products is 100%, and the one-time delivery acceptance rate reaches 99.9%

obviously, 99.9% of the results can not meet the desire of the senior management of aerospace heavy industry. They will not use 99.9% of the assurance to cover up the 0 accurate stop of process adjustment and consumption control 1% error, they only want to use 100% efforts to eliminate one in ten thousand errors, use 100% efforts to build real world-class products, and use products that can stand any test to realize their dreams for users

ruthlessness> caring inequality

in aerospace heavy industry, such quality rectification is not the first time. As early as February, the company comprehensively launched a series of aerospace quality day activities with the theme of "improving quality awareness and promoting independent management". At the mobilization meeting, chairman Zhong Jiangguo asked leading cadres and quality workers to have the courage to shout "independent management, follow my example" and truly take the product as a character

in September, aerospace heavy industries launched a 50 day national quality month activity. Through technical exchanges, internal training, quality lectures and other means, it effectively consolidated the quality awareness, made the quality concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and promoted employees to pay more attention to actively helping customers solve problem product quality and strictly implement process requirements in their future work, It also promotes the quality management level of production teams

several quality rectifications are not to make the product quality hopeless, but to keep improving the product to meet the needs of the market and users. Zhongjiangguo explained that frequent rectification "only when the quality work is done carefully and truly can the enterprise get permanent development and the employees get real benefits."

the quality problem this time was purely accidental, but it was this accident that made the leading group of aerospace heavy industry once again hit hard, with a great ambition and spirit of not quitting the army until the goal was achieved

Guo Jinsong, the general manager, stressed that in the severe process from product development to mass production, each of us should take the initiative to solve problems and work hard together. Only in this way can our future be bright

in view of the quality problems, spaceflight heavy industries has set up a special quality team with the deputy general manager as the team leader, the general assistant and the chief engineer assistant as the deputy team leaders and the departments as members when re entering the interface at an interval of not less than 15 seconds. How to implement the quality rectification activities, Guo Jinsong put forward specific requirements: first, have a quality understanding of products. Quality is the root of competition and the way for the company to win. The products the company sells should reflect the quality of aerospace products and pay attention to details. It is not just to see how the car is running. In fact, experience and appearance are equally important. Second, the special team should be responsible. Be clear about your responsibilities. If you find any problems, give feedback and solve them in time. Don't prevaricate. Take the initiative. Third, the quality department shall strictly control and implement the project. We should focus on key issues, know how to control them, distinguish who is in charge and who is responsible, and solve the problems found within a limited time. Fourth, the process designers should provide on-site guidance. Go deep into the production line and cooperate with workers to find better solutions; The quality awareness should be daily and normalized. As long as there is no defect in the measuring circuit, the rectification questions handled every day should be reported and summarized every week; It is necessary to increase the degree of participation and prevent the continued problems of batch production

the special quality rectification activities carried out by aerospace heavy industry are in full swing

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