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AGC will build a new furnace to increase the output of dragontrail glass

it will invest 20billion yen to meet the rapidly growing demand of users for protective glass

on February 17, 2011, AGC recently announced that it will invest 20billion yen (about 240million US dollars) to build a new float glass furnace in Japan to produce special glass that can be chemically strengthened, including the newly developed dragontrail? The control and data processing of the experimental process meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards for metallic and non-metallic materials, so as to continuously meet the rapidly growing global demand for protective glass for mobile equipment. The project is expected to start production in the second half of this year

the furnace will be dedicated to the production of glass for electronic applications, and will use the float glass production method to improve production efficiency, while also producing glass of different thicknesses. With this new equipment, AGC hopes to achieve and maintain a 30% market share in the expanding global chemical strengthened glass market

according to the data of DisplaySearch, the world's leading market research company, the consumer market of mobile devices is developing rapidly. It is expected that the average annual sales of smart and tablet computers will increase by 40% and 90% respectively between 2010 and 2013. The vast majority of such devices will use touch screen panels, which requires the use of a hard protective material to protect the surface of the device, which further stimulates the demand for chemically strengthened glass

dragontrail, launched in January this year, is a high-strength scratch resistant glass material. Once chemically treated, it can obtain higher strength. AGC plans to build this new furnace at takasha plant in Hyogo, Japan, and hopes to flexibly expand product supply through this move, so as to meet the rapidly growing market demand for dragontrail. By applying AGC's expertise in the field of special glass to electronic equipment, the new furnace can also make AGC further improve Altair's finite element analysis ability in terms of physical and chemical properties, and continuously produce a new generation of special glass that can be chemically strengthened in the future

based on the company's growth beyond strategy, AGC has built this infrastructure. As a key pillar of the company's long-term sustainable development plan, the sales volume of Dongguan market will reach 30million yuan. AGC is determined to continue to research and develop dragontrail and other special glass that can be chemically strengthened by virtue of the new facilities

structure diagram of new furnace

the principle of float glass production method is to make liquid glass float on the molten tin surface, so as to efficiently produce large flat glass

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