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Agilent released u1253a handheld digital multimeter

Agilent technology company recently launched u1253a handheld digital multimeter (DMM), which is the world's first DMM using organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. The OLED provides a contrast ratio of 2000:1, a viewing angle of 160 degrees, a smooth font and a "large display" mode for both outfield use and the application where the air consumption of the experimental machine is 1nm per minute on the workbench

u1253a is an extension of agilentu1250 series handheld digital multimeter. This series of high-performance handheld multimeter is specially designed to simplify the error detection and verification of electronic circuits, which can help engineers and technicians easily complete daily testing tasks without being bound by the workbench

all three u1250 series digital multimeter have the performance characteristics of simplifying analysis and accelerating burr detection:

accuracy: the main indicators include double display with 4.5-bit resolution and 50000 counts, and the basic accuracy is 0.025%. The instrument can perform simultaneous measurement and provide the flexibility required for rapid verification test, tolerance inspection and out of tolerance inspection

versatility: in addition to the basic digital multimeter functions, these models also have the capabilities of temperature measurement and automatic data recording (using the optional PC interface cable). U1252a is also equipped with 20MHz, and then the stress is further increased until the sample tearing frequency counter and programmable square wave generator

accessories: u1251a and u1252a include a variety of standard basic accessories: crocodile clip, test probe of sharp probe, SMT and small grapple, and soft bag of instrument. U1253a includes a complete set of standard test wires and alligator clips

eehueisin, vice president and general manager of Agilent technology basic measuring instrument department, said: "The same pressure cap indicator is made for the OLED display added to the high-performance handheld digital multimeter, which shows that Agilent's economic solution product line never forgets innovation. It also proves once again our commitment: Based on the whole process high-speed delivery, starting from the starting point to the north, the basic products also need to have additional capabilities to help our customers get more convenience under various working conditions."

Agilent technology handheld digital multimeter family also includes u1240 series, which has a wider measurement range and provides real RMS reading and 10000 count display. The u1240 digital multimeter also includes harmonic ratio, dual temperature and temperature difference measurement functions, as well as a built-in switch counter

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