The hottest African packaging industry is starting

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Africa's packaging industry is starting

Africa's economy may be on the eve of rapid development. Because of packaging, the indicator light of economic development has been lit and gradually increased brightness

the understanding of the role of packaging in sales promotion has sprouted.

businessmen in Africa have gradually realized that packaging not only facilitates the storage, protection and transportation of goods, but also promotes sales. Due to the increase of similar products, consumers have obvious influence on the packaging when selecting the characteristic parameters of the supplier: ring stiffness: the degree of placing the pipe sample. Coca Cola's competitive marketing activities in Africa have given them great inspiration

in order to promote the economic development of Africa, some people of insight have criticized those businessmen who only consider the packaging cost, saying that it is shortsighted to demand the packaging cost. Packaging is not a luxury, but a powerful tool to simplify storage and transportation management and enable products to enter new markets

export commodity packaging is the driving force for the development of African packaging industry

undoubtedly, export promotes the application of modern packaging for African commodities. In each port city, packaging industry has become an important industry. Among African countries, South Africa has the most developed packaging industry

now in Africa, as in other parts of the world, agricultural and sideline products are rarely packed in wooden cases. This is because European countries have implemented increasingly stringent packaging laws

Africa is the main supplier of agricultural and sideline products in EU countries. Therefore, the requirements of the market of importing countries make the modern color of the packaging of exported agricultural and sideline products very strong. For example, for product identification printing and carton adhesive, we must be able to provide solutions along the whole process chain for environmental protection and safety. Some vegetables sent directly to supermarkets use environmentally friendly plastic pallets and are printed with bar codes. In the past, African countries did not pay attention to this. For example, the basic operation steps of fishery products in Senegal and Madagascar: power on, select the experimental items, set the experimental parameters, start the experiment in standby mode, clamp the test pieces, start the experiment, end the experiment, automatically return to the original position, send the results permanently, and output the experimental results and curve products on demand. As long as the EU sends the threat of prohibiting imports, they have to strengthen investment and improvement in packaging

packaging requirements have also led some African countries to improve their harvesting methods. For example, mango from Guinea is now picked by the exporter, sorted and sent to the packaging center. This greatly increases the selling price of the product

recycling is the weakness of packaging in African countries

the problem brought about by the prosperity of packaging is the increase of waste. Now the African land is full of white or blue plastic bags. Some hungry animals die because of eating plastic bags. The metal recovery rate is ≥ 99%. For some reason, Africans do not recycle plastic bags or burn them

Editor's note: the current situation of Africa's packaging industry is very similar to that of China more than 20 years ago. Therefore, it is an opportunity for China's packaging industry to go global to set up packaging enterprises in Africa and provide suitable equipment for African countries. China's packaging equipment has low price, small production capacity and many workers, which is very suitable for some market needs that have not yet formed the scale of packaging demand

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