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Aerospace heavy industry green mining high-end intelligent equipment unveiled in Beijing

Aerospace heavy industry green mining high-end intelligent equipment unveiled in Beijing

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from October 29 to November 1, at the 16th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and equipment exhibition held in Beijing, Two types of explosion-proof electric trackless rubber tyred transportation equipment jointly developed by aerospace heavy engineering equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aerospace heavy industry) and China Shenhua Shendong Coal Group (hereinafter referred to as Shenhua Group) made a brilliant debut. The movement of suction away from the fixed fixture attracted many media and customers, and became a hot "Star" at the exhibition

It is understood that the China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and equipment exhibition, which is held every two years, is a large-scale international coal mining equipment exhibition approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, hosted by the China Coal Industry Association, CO organized by China Coal Energy Corporation, and jointly organized by China Coal Industry International Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Huixian Exhibition Co., Ltd, It is not only a great exhibition of high-precision and cutting-edge mining equipment in China's coal industry, but also a great meeting and exchange for mining machinery R & D manufacturers

in this exhibition, aerospace Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. brought two explosion-proof electric trackless rubber wheel transportation equipment to shine, with a booth area of 260 square meters. The eight characters of "green, clean and intelligent equipment" became the bright theme of this exhibition

according to zhongjiangguo, chairman of aerospace heavy industries, the company is a holding subsidiary of the Fourth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and industry group (China Aerospace Sanjiang group), which was established in September, 2012. In just three years or so, guided by market demand, supported by independent research and development, and aiming at industrial development, the company has actively carried out joint ventures and cooperation with foreign top research and development institutions. The series of large-scale heavy-duty multi axle electric wheel mining dump trucks developed by the company integrates machinery, electricity and hydraulics, and adopts a number of advanced technologies such as dual power drive, all wheel drive, hydraulic suspension + oscillating axle, which is the world's first in the field of mining truck manufacturing, It not only fills the gap of domestic independent innovation of large tonnage heavy-duty mining dump truck products, but also realizes the substitution of products for imports. For example, in 2012, the company developed and produced the world's first multi axle 220 ton heavy-duty electric wheel mining dump truck with fully independent intellectual property rights, more than 20 national patents, which filled the gap of domestic independent products of large tonnage heavy-duty mining dump trucks and realized the substitution of products for imports; In 2013, it developed and produced a 110 ton electric wheel mining dump truck, which fully absorbed the advantages of the traditional two axle and new multi axle trucks. With its high load to weight ratio, good driving stability, and the ability to configure LNG hybrid engines, it is favored by users, has performed well in the actual operation of the mining area, and has successfully passed the quality inspection and appraisal of the national professional institutions, reaching the national standards; In January, 2014, it developed and produced the 363t electric wheel mining dump truck, which was called "the 'Big Mac' of mining dump trucks" by Xinhua news agency and the world's largest tonnage, becoming a landmark product for China's equipment to open the door of the world's heavy equipment; At the beginning of this year, it completed the assembly of the first electric explosion-proof trackless rubber tyred transport vehicle in China, which not only completely solved the problems that have plagued the mining enterprises for a long time, such as "high pollution, high fuel consumption, high noise and low life" of the traditional underground equipment, but also will become a new standard for safety, energy conservation and environmental protection implemented by the state in the mining field... In short, aerospace heavy industry is determined to make a difference in the green, clean and energy equipment of mines Ambitious

green drive equipment mine

the two types of mine transportation equipment exhibited by aerospace heavy industry this time are explosion-proof electric trackless rubber wheel material transport vehicle and explosion-proof electric trackless rubber wheel personnel transport vehicle, which all use lithium battery power, AC motor drive, four-wheel independent drive, independent suspension system, distributed bus control, electric braking + mechanical braking, Underground Explosion-proof and other design technologies, It can solve the "three high and one low" problem of "high pollution, high noise, high fuel consumption and low life" of the traditional diesel powered transportation equipment in mines, effectively improve the working environment in mines and enhance the working comfort of drivers, realize the replacement of traditional diesel power with clean and environmentally friendly lithium power, and provide strong support for building green mines and green mining, which requires constant speed movement

in particular, the explosion-proof electric trackless rubber tyred material transport vehicle (5T) exhibited this time has a total vehicle weight of 9.2T, adopts the form of articulated connection, with a climbing capacity of 16 degrees and a minimum ground clearance of 230mm. It is praised by the media as "Tesla" in special vehicles "and by mining workers as" night pearl "in the depths of coal seams". It is the first in China and the first in the world. The vehicle has been put into trial operation in Daliuta mining area, Shendong, Shenhua Group. The driving range of a single charge is more than 90 kilometers. It has been running continuously underground for more than 5000 kilometers. It is in good condition and the dispatch rate is more than 90%. It has an intelligent command and health management system: optimize the vehicle operation plan by using the vehicle location, operation and idle, and health level information; Use the actual load information to estimate the operation progress, and monitor the idle, no-load, path repetition and other efficiency short boards; Remind the commander and dispatcher to coordinate, handle problems and close down according to abnormal information such as vehicle failure; The remote platform, on-board system and individuals are used to provide command and dispatching information interaction under emergency conditions. The appearance and successful trial use of this product marks the arrival of the new energy era for underground operation transporters in the mining area, which can fully meet the operation needs of the mining area. In particular, its characteristics of easy operation, low fault, low noise and no oil smoke are highly recognized by the employees in the mining area. At the exhibition site, China industry news saw an endless stream of visitors from Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places coming to the aerospace heavy industry booth, touching their beloved objects again and again, and asking such and such questions expertly, showing great interest and desire to buy

an explosion-proof electric trackless rubber tyred personnel transport vehicle (19 people) exhibited by aerospace heavy industries on site is mainly to solve the cost and safety problems concerned by users. Compared with the daily heavy transport vehicles, large cranes, excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, loaders, electric emergency repair vehicles, engineering emergency vehicles, etc., it is cleaner, more environmentally friendly, comfortable, durable, safe and economical, and meets (or even exceeds) the national standards in some aspects. In fact, since 2011, aerospace heavy industries has been conducting market research. Through investigation in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places, as well as evaluation and judgment on enterprise production and process, it has led Ningbo's new material industry output value of more than 200billion yuan and strategic emerging industry output value of more than 700billion yuan. In 2012, it began the project approval and development of explosion-proof electric trackless rubber tyred transport vehicles. After intensive product development, Explosion proof electric trackless rubber tyred transport vehicle was launched in early 2015. Thus, it has created a famous brand for the explosion-proof electric trackless rubber tyred transport vehicle for underground operation in the mining area

chairman Zhong Jiangguo busily received the distinguished guests and answered various questions raised at the scene. He confidently revealed that our mining equipment can be described as "green driven and equipped with mines". The reason why it is advanced is that we fully rely on the strong support of the group's advanced R & D technology, not only learn from the technology of manufacturing aircraft, but even integrate the advanced technology of manufacturing rockets and even spaceships in advance. It is not a lie to say that it is the first in China and the first in the world

make unremitting efforts to extend development

the "made in China 2025" plan issued by the state has pointed out the way forward for China's manufacturing industry

Zhong Jiangguo said in an interview that in the next step, aerospace heavy industry will make unremitting efforts and move forward with success: it will expand the product type spectrum of material transport vehicles up and down, with the largest reaching 100 tons and the smallest reaching 3 tons; At the same time, the product development is not limited to coal mines. It will also try its hand on non explosion-proof electric mining vehicles; In addition, it will customize the mining of non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal mines and build non explosion-proof electric trackless rubber tyred material transport vehicles... To make due contributions to the construction of green mines, digital mines and smart mines in the country

the future of aerospace heavy industry is immeasurable

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