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Aerospace thermal control coating technology conversion energy-saving coating appears at the Asian Expo

aerospace thermal control coating technology conversion energy-saving coating appears at the Asian Expo

September 6, 2012

[China coating information] on September 4, in the energy lighting and environmental protection exhibition area of hall 2 of the second China Asia Europe Expo, a low-carbon energy-saving coating displayed by an enterprise in Beijing stopped people. In winter, it can raise indoor heat preservation temperature by 2 ℃ -3 ℃, In summer, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 6 ℃ -10 ℃, and its cost is equivalent to that of the insulation film used in ordinary buildings. It is reported that Hexion and Fraunhofer Engineering Center have jointly developed a series of composite material production technologies. This is the first batch of military to civilian high-tech products of China aerospace materials and Technology Research Institute, which is converted from aerospace thermal control coating energy-saving technology. This seemingly inconspicuous product to jointly protect the rights and interests of developing countries is the first time to "explore the way" before the Expo

with the launch of Shenzhou 9, more and more space science and technology products have entered the lives of ordinary people. Zhangzhengyu, the boss of Beijing Jingneng Hengji new materials Co., Ltd., aims at this opportunity. Jin re Dun ASRC low-carbon energy-saving coating has become his first "weapon" to break into the market. The coating has a high comprehensive heat reflectivity, and the reflected and infrared radiation heat is more than 91%. Moreover, the higher the external environment temperature, the more obvious the temperature difference, and the comprehensive energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%. At the same time, the warming products in the international market have a wide range of applications, especially for the cooling coating of oil and gas storage tanks and pipelines, petrochemical product storage tanks, marine transporters such as marine ships, offshore platforms such as offshore oil and gas collection, material storage warehouse roofs such as grain reserves, mobile base stations, municipal buildings, office buildings, industrial plants, villas and civil roofs and walls

when this low-carbon energy-saving coating was first popularized and applied in some residential areas in Beijing, Zhang Zhengyu's confidence doubled. So he began to try to push the product out of the country slowly. At the second China Asia Europe Expo, what surprised him was that not only many businesses were interested in their products, but even some visitors came to the booth and asked if this paint could be used in their own homes. For zhangzhengyu, the greatest gain of his trip to the Expo was the interest of businessmen and visitors in his products to avoid danger

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