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The aerospace materials and Processes Research Institute helped Chang'e-2 launch smoothly. The aerospace materials and processes research institute is a key scientific research unit in the national defense industry. It was established on December 3, 1957 and has developed into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating material research, product trial production and batch production after 53 years. In the model task of Chang'e-2 cz-3a series launch vehicle, the Institute of aerospace materials and technology undertook the production tasks of the rocket structure segment products, such as the construction of satellite fairing, satellite support, instrument cabin, honeycomb common bottom, three-stage tank insulation layer, etc; It has undertaken the production tasks of supporting products such as spinning and electroforming of thrust chamber of hydrogen and oxygen engine, foaming of various pipeline valves, graphite sealing ring, electroless nickel plating of metal parts, etc; It has undertaken the research and production task of a complete set of heat-proof components such as heat-proof skirt, heat-proof cap, wind shield, front bottom heat-proof cover, heat-proof plate and a variety of seals on the arrow body. At the same time, it also undertook the development and production of anti-static white thermal control coating for Chang'e-2 satellite antenna

the aerospace materials and technology research institute applies honeycomb sandwich structure to large structural parts such as satellite fairing, instrument cabin and satellite support, especially applies advanced carbon epoxy composite materials to satellite support, which greatly improves the lightweight level of aerospace structure, significantly improves the carrying capacity of rocket, and opens up the field of lightweight structural materials for aerospace. A series of anti heat insulation materials and coating materials have been developed, which can be used in the temperature range of -253 to 3000 ° C. It has been at the forefront of the world in the field of anti heat insulation materials technology. The sealing structures of different types and materials developed by the Institute of aerospace materials and technology, for example, the samples knocked down by hammering method are distributed in the engine, fuel system, servo mechanism, rocket body structure and other parts of the launch vehicle, which meet the needs of the special fuel of the launch vehicle in terms of sealing, and ensure that China's launch vehicle can convert it into output signals of the same or different nature according to a certain law. The height of the rocket makes it possible to continue Thrifty automobile manufacturing is imperative reliability

with Chang'e's leap into the moon to open the pace of China's aerospace deep space exploration, the Institute of aerospace materials and technology will meet new challenges with 100 times of confidence. With excellent talents, high-end equipment, advanced technology, scientific management and inexhaustible creativity, it will promote China's aerospace, especially wood plastic, to meet the demand for materials, and the material technology industry to a new level, holding up the new glory and dream of China's aerospace

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