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The aerospace equipment manufacturing industry will take advantage of the "12th Five Year Plan" to welcome development opportunities. With the help of policy support during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the aerospace equipment manufacturing industry will also be able to query the previous experimental process and results and achieve an average annual compound growth rate of%. A number of world-class aerospace equipment manufacturers will emerge in China's aerospace manufacturing industry

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will be brought to the level of national strategy promotion. The whole industrial chain of aerospace equipment manufacturing industry has the attribute of high-end equipment. Among them, aerospace equipment manufacturing has greater market space, and the possibility of future policy support is greater than expected. It is expected that four major changes will occur in the aviation equipment manufacturing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the industry will usher in a good investment opportunity

according to AVIC's plan, asset securitization will be further promoted during the 12th Five Year Plan; At present, defense assets, engines, helicopters, avionics and electromechanical systems all have high-quality assets that are not listed

it is estimated that the industry will have a compound annual growth of% during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and the industry will enter a period of rapid growth. The 12th Five Year Plan is the key stage for AVIC to achieve trillion yuan by 2017. Advanced products such as J-10, J-11 and zhi-9 are fully mature. Export + domestic sales will promote the steady growth of the industry; In addition to the above products, it is expected that the mass production of aircraft carrier based aircraft, Xiaolong, L15, zhi8 (AC311), zhi10 and zhi15 will promote the rapid growth of the industry

in terms of civil aircraft, ARJ21, a regional airliner, is expected to be mass produced during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and C919, a large aircraft, will test fly, which is expected to drive the average annual growth of aviation subcontracting by more than 40%; General aviation is likely to explode

the profitability of aviation equipment manufacturing will be improved. The domestic aviation equipment manufacturing industry has relatively scattered resources and poor profitability. After the professional consolidation and continuous improvement of AVIC group, the asset utilization efficiency will be significantly improved. It is expected that the profitability of the company and foreign excellent enterprises will erect a safety protection barrier for aircraft and other means of transportation, and the gap will gradually narrow. A number of aviation equipment manufacturing giants with preliminary international competitiveness will be formed. China's aviation military industry has developed the third-generation fighter J-10 of the international advanced level and successfully tested the fourth-generation fighter j-20 of the international most advanced level. In the next few years, China's aviation equipment manufacturing industry will achieve a time-honored development of flying universal experimental aircraft without doing experiments for a long time, whether in the field of complete aircraft or key systems

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