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Su Wu Futures: PTA monthly differentiation continued to be weak as a whole

today, Zhengzhou ta0811 closed at 6900, down 18% from yesterday's settlement price; Ta0901 closed at 6 graphene has excellent antibacterial properties, low temperature far software is still not strong infrared function 572, down 222

in the spot market, the PTA price index of China fiber is stable at 7200 yuan/ton today. Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester, polyester short quotation is still down, the atmosphere is light; The trend of slicing market continues to decline

at present, the startup rate of domestic PTA plants is generally maintained at "So about 64%, the shutdown of Hualian Sanxin PTA device only makes the supply and demand of PTA slightly tighter than that in September, which has a limited role in boosting the market. PX continues to plunge under the dual pressure of cost and demand. Based on the dollar quoted by CFR Taiwan/China PX today, the current production cost of PTA is around 6540 yuan/ton. In addition, it remains to be seen whether the government can introduce supportive policies for the textile industry.

overall, the trend of PTA is differentiated between months, but there are many aspects For the current financial environment, PTA is difficult to stabilize effectively unless downstream demand is significantly improved

in terms of operation, maintain weak shock thinking

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