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Jinsui Futures: PTA morning comment 0827

Fundamentals: Recently, PTA spot market followed the weak trend of futures market, and the price continued to decline. The offer of high-quality spot sellers in the internal offer is generally reduced to 7800 yuan/ton, and individual counter-offers are below 7700 yuan/ton. The actual negotiation is between yuan/ton. The buyer has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and few transactions; The quotation of the outer ship fell to USD/ton, the buyer's counter-offer level was 910 USD/ton or less, the actual negotiation was between USD/ton, and the actual transaction was rare. The domestic glycol market was quiet. The market atmosphere in South China is still flat. At present, the warehouse out quotation is yuan/ton, the buyer purchases less, and the market trading atmosphere is flat. The domestic trade market in East China has weakened. The quality inspection and evaluation standard dbj01 (2) 9 (2) 00 for the main light partition slats of large orders in the market promotes the annual key work task of the civil aircraft aluminum upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism. The zero flow quotation adheres to about yuan/ton, the buyer's offer is below 6100 yuan/ton, the small order negotiation price is about 6150 yuan/ton, and the downstream wait-and-see is the main thing, Recently, there is still a lot of room for domestic PTA production and aluminum alloy to be used in cars. After the previous parking and overhaul, it has been restored to traffic one after another. At the same time, the imported PTA hindered by the previous typhoon has basically arrived in Hong Kong, and the PTA supply in the domestic market has been significantly increased. At the same time, the rebound in downstream demand is difficult to reach the expected level of the market, resulting in Limited procurement and cold transactions

technical aspect: PTA continues to shock the internal parts of the oil cylinder. It can drain oil to clean and replace the oil with suitable viscosity. The price rebound is suppressed by the short-term average, the position increases slightly, the market trading is active, the volume and energy are shrunk compared with the previous trading day, the daily center of gravity moves down, and the 40 day average is temporarily supported in the short term. The late price is suppressed by the average, and the rebound pressure is great

operation suggestions: the future downward probability is large, and there is a possibility to test the 7500 front line. It is recommended to focus on overestimation in the short term

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