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Founder Futures: PTA without positive support fell sharply

on Friday, NYMEX crude oil futures fell sharply, falling to 114.59, or 5.4%. Undoubtedly, affected by this, Zhengzhou PTA (8296,52 new material industry, as an important part of emerging industries, will also be included in the "1035" national strategic emerging industry development plan.00 film pendulum impact tester is mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of plastics, films, paper, composite films, metal foil and other materials, 0.63%, bar) 809 and 811 contracts both fell. 809 opened 9100, once fell by the limit, and finally pulled back to close at 8884, down 300 points. 811 also opened sharply lower at 8700 and closed at 8714, down 58 points from the previous trading day. Positions continue to decrease. In the spot market, the quotation of China fiber continued to maintain 8700, which was basically stable. The market trading was slightly improved compared with the previous period, but it was still not optimistic. The textile industry can conduct experiments and provide data according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, J and other relevant domestic standards such as the angular coordinate is formed in the length direction of the recording paper. The textile industry is still in a downturn and will not improve in the short term. We look forward to the market in winter after September. It can be said that the fundamentals are still bearish, and we will pay close attention to the trend of international crude oil in the later stage. Technically, the MACD index of the 901 contract has formed a low gold fork, and the futures price shows signs of improvement. However, it is not suitable to follow up in the short term, and it is better to operate cautiously

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