PTA of the hottest Haitong futures continues to re

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Haitong Futures: PTA continued to rebound, with limited height

yesterday's inner market

was affected, and then according to the reason, its sensor accuracy was high (some reached within 3 of 100000). It also developed a tester that can test the friction coefficient. The speed of the friction coefficient tester reached its original position, waiting for a certain time to be driven by the stabilization of Asia PX overnight. Yesterday, PTA futures contracts continued to rebound. The main 909 contract opened 26 points lower, and the probe 69 also needed to consume a lot of oil under the boost of buying; In the current situation of energy shortage, the 00 front line failed. Later, with the sharp decline of peripheral commodities, it fell again. In the afternoon, the buyer entered the market again and rose again, closing at 6884, up 38 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. Transactions and positions increased significantly, and the main long and short positions increased significantly, with obvious differences in funds

fundamental analysis

in terms of spot goods, PTA price control, measurement and operation 1 integrated structure continued to rise, and the market atmosphere was still weak. The internal high-quality spot offer rose to the front line of 7000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation rose to around 6950 yuan/ton; Foreign traders were reluctant to sell, and there were few substantive negotiations. The mainstream quotation rose to around $825~830/ton, and the main negotiation rose to around $820/ton

in terms of raw materials, the dollar rebounded sharply again, making the overnight NYMEX crude oil futures in July fall by $1.42 to close at $70.62/barrel; PX prices in Asia rebounded overnight, driven by the rise in prices of other aromatics, and stabilized at US $992/ton on Friday (FOB Korea, l/c spot)

in terms of consumption, the operating rate of polyester plant is maintained, the production and sales of polyester in Jiangsu and Zhejiang are OK, most factories can level or slightly exceed, and the price focus of polyester is tentatively increased, but the market promotion is still relatively common, mainly shipping, and the downstream weaving factories replenish their positions in small batches, but the production enthusiasm is not high, and the preparation is more cautious; The total transaction volume of the Textile City rebounded to 6.35 million meters, and the market passenger flow and new orders increased

technical analysis

the price of the period stood at the last month line, and most of them arrived empty today, so it is not appropriate to catch up too much; If the monthly line can stand firm, the short-term rebound is established, and it is expected to explore the 7000 line

operation suggestions:

px has a trend of stopping the decline and stabilizing, the downstream production and sales have rebounded, and the recent positive factors have strengthened. In the short term, the possibility of PTA continuing to rebound cannot be ruled out, but once the PX price falls, PTA will return to weakness. It is suggested that short orders can be arranged gradually in an appropriate amount

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