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Jinsui Futures: PTA morning comment 0817

Fundamentals: the PTA market is relatively calm. Due to the problem of a domestic PTA device, the supply of such problems can be solved. There is a shortage of supplies, and some factories have a slight inquiry. The mainstream negotiation in the internal market is about yuan/ton. In terms of the external market, the negotiation was about $965/ton, and most sellers were reluctant to sell at a low price. From the current terminal demand situation, we do not see any sign that the previous high-level rise is coming to an end. The current PTA terminal demand is mixed with long and short factors. In July, 2009, China's textile and clothing exports fell by 12.3% compared with the same period last year, and the decline was further expanded. The total industrial output value of the textile industry has been rising month by month for four months. Adhering to the open development, the overall small spot supply and the recovery of downstream terminal demand have maintained a good pattern in the polyester industry chain and boosted PTA prices steadily

technical aspect: on the whole, the main force of PTA 0910 maintains a high-level shock pattern, the trading volume continues to expand, the market trading is active, the moving average is still long, the spot market is still strong, and the support period price continues to hit a new high. In the future, it is still difficult to get rid of the high-level shock trend of mechanical equipment, which is essentially the same

operation suggestions: the futures price fluctuates at a high level, and wait and see for the time being

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