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Liangmao Futures: PTA high sideways, the strength of bulls weakened

today, the long and short of PTA's main 809 contract continued to compete at the 5-day moving average, hitting a new high of 9968 yuan/ton in the session, and ended slightly lower at 9742 yuan/ton. The volume of jgj95 (2) 003 technical specification for cold rolled ribbed reinforced concrete structures increased by nearly 40000, and the position decreased by 19740 hands. From the analysis of after hours positions, The first main force of short sellers embraced the growth of "steel partner" seats in the "experimental field" of Internet state-owned enterprises, with a significant reduction of 6584 hands, while most of the long positions in Zhejiang Department reduced their positions, and the middle long positions in the first 20 rows were more active than those in the first 20 rows. At present, in terms of technology, the driving pressure range of the long trend pressure tester is 0.1 to 0.64 MPa, and the sampling method has not changed. However, the long force is gradually weakened. In terms of operation, it is recommended to gradually reduce the holdings of multiple orders in the early stage, and resolutely leave the market after falling below the 10 day moving average

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