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Golden spike Futures: PTA morning comment 0708

Fundamentals: investors are still worried about the recovery prospects of the global economy and crude oil, and the resulting selling pressure on crude oil yesterday. The carbon footprint of crude oil fell significantly better, the oil price hit a five week low, and the continued rise of the US dollar also increased the decline of crude oil. PTA spot market atmosphere slightly weakened, and individual buyers in the inner market were interested. 3. Trial operation: selecting an appropriate speed to make the experimental machine run up and down for one time can solve the problem. For example, the high chloride ion direction is about yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation is about yuan/ton; There are few quotations in the external market. Individual quotations are in US dollars/ton, and the buyer's offer is in 850 US dollars/ton. By afternoon, the market atmosphere improved, and the late market rose. The transactions of upstream and downstream products are light, and the market demand is generally weak. Affected by this, PTA spot transactions were delayed. Although the price remained stable, light consumption suppressed the rebound in futures prices. Although the upstream PX continues to maintain its growth momentum in the near future, China will increase its domestic production capacity by 3.8 million tons per year in the second half of the year, while the focus of global aviation aluminum alloy is the research and development and utilization of advanced aluminum lithium alloys. In addition, Asia will also increase its production capacity by about 2.42 million tons per year. The problem of excess PX supply will become increasingly serious, and PTA prices are expected to remain weak and volatile in the near future

technical aspect: due to the recent continued weakness of oil prices, PTA opened high and went low on Tuesday, with a weak downward trend. It basically remained low and fluctuated in a narrow range during the session. It was pulled up in the late session and closed down the negative line. The transaction volume shrank, indicating that the wait-and-see mood of funds increased, and it is expected that the weak shock consolidation will remain in the short term, testing the supporting role of 7000

operation suggestions: it is expected that today will be dominated by weak shocks, with 7000 as the strong and weak water distribution, and short-term light positions will participate or wait and see temporarily

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