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Golden spike Futures: PTA morning comment 0715

Fundamentals: the overnight was driven higher by bargain hunting yesterday, but the rise of the dollar still killed most of its gains and returned to within $60. In terms of spot goods, driven by this cost, the PTA spot market is on the rise. Among them, the seller's offer price in East China domestic material market is to raise the optical power thermal analyzer, which shines the laser on the surface of nano thin film materials, with a high price of 100 yuan/ton to 7250 yuan/ton. Downstream inquiries have increased, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market is concentrated at about 7200 yuan/ton, with an increase of yuan/ton. Upstream, Asian PX fell $6 to $FOB South Korea, while European PX was basically stable at $900 FOB Rotterdam. The downstream is the main driving force for paper enterprises to raise prices. Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester is steadily rising. Many materials reported by manufacturers have no obvious yield point in the project. The price increase ranges from yuan/ton, and some popular specifications increase by 400 yuan/ton. Over the weekend, the 1.4d polyester short market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang rose, with a general rise of yuan/ton. The three-dimensional hollow market in Hangzhou is stable and the transaction price is concession, but some factories have the intention to raise the price. Supported by the relative stability of the upstream and the recovery of some polyester industries in the downstream, the downstream has been constrained by the limited supply of MEG and the tight supply of goods recently, which has stimulated a temporary rise in the TA price of the p-change-1 extensive plastic granulator as a combination and intelligent plastic granulator

technical aspect: PTA had a strong trend yesterday. After the high opening in the morning, it fluctuated and rose, the transaction was active, the position continued to increase, closed at the positive line, the focus of the daily line continued to move up, the bull atmosphere was obvious, and the bull mentality continued to be maintained in the short term

operation suggestions: PTA has a good upward trend, and it is expected that there is still room for upward movement in the short-term future. Multiple light positions continue to be held, the exit position is moved up to the 7200 line, and bargain hunting is mostly short

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