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Dongfang integrated power test plan

power supply, here refers to all kinds of power converters, especially AC-DC conversion modules, such as power modules for PCs, power converters (adapters) for all kinds of portable electronic products, and all kinds of power supplies for communication equipment

this kind of power converter mostly adopts switching conversion technology, that is, switching power supply. Such products have high requirements for reliability and stability, and a large number of tests are required in the process of R & D, production and inspection. Orient integrated agent dozens of brands of testing instruments, for many such manufacturers to provide years of good service

according to its purpose and quantity, it can be divided into three types of product testing: PC power supply (mainly the power supply of desktop computers), adapter (charger of digital cameras, power converter of notebook computers, and other portable electronic products), and communication power supply (various power supplies used in the communication field)

I. PC power supply

pc power supply is mostly mass-produced, and the production test process is very mature. Most of them are Taiwan funded manufacturers, such as Delta, Litong (Guangbao), Kangshu (eckbell), Dahong (Feihong), great wall power supply, etc

the power of PC power supply is mostly 250W and 300W The main types are ATX and P4. The output voltage is: +12v, -12v, +5v, -5v, +3.3v, +5v/svb

the test process of PC power supply is as follows: (see the next page)

II. Adapter

there are many kinds of adapters, which require not only reliability and stability, but also miniaturization. In the production process, the test is relatively simple

adapters are mostly produced by ODM and OEM. Because the adapters used in various electronic products are different, there are many tests in the research and development process

the instruments required in the test are as follows:

oscilloscope (digital oscilloscope): tds1012, TDS3014, tds3032, tds3034, tds3054

Agilent 54622A,54624A,54641A,54642A;

high voltage probe (P5100, p6015), current probe, current amplifier (Tektronix am503s), high voltage differential probe (P5200)

digital multimeter (desktop, handheld)

isolation transformer

DC power supply

electronic load

power meter

bridge (L, C, R meter)

III. communication power supply

the annual output value of communication power supply in China has reached more than 5 billion yuan, with 20% - 30% in recent years.The growth rate of. 50% of them are the communication power supply applied in the base station. Larger communication power supply manufacturers include Ansheng (formerly electric), ZTE, Wuhan intercontinental communication power supply, Yantai Dongfang Electronics, Yada (Emerson), Ericsson (Beijing), spitai, fansitai, heta COSCO, Huade, etc

the communication power supply has high requirements for reliability and stability, and constantly uses new technical performance (such as power factor correction technology, soft switching technology, etc.), with high power and high requirements for testing

orient integration provides a complete set of solutions for this purpose

digital oscilloscope: the oscillation frequency of communication power supply is high, and 200mz-500mhz oscilloscope is commonly used. It is used to observe various waveforms of waveform, oscillation circuit and feedback circuit. Equipped with various types of accessories, current probe and current amplifier to observe the current waveform, the causes of this phenomenon are various. The high-voltage differential probe can directly test the primary part of the power supply circuit without isolating the transformer. The digital oscilloscope can also measure output noise, various timing (startup timing, rise time, fall time, shutdown time, etc.), surge current, output voltage sequence, waveform jitter

DC power supply: part of the communication power supply uses the feed (48V, 60V) in the switching system for conversion, and outputs 12V, 5V, etc. In R & D and testing, DC power supply is used to replace the test

on the other hand, when testing the primary oscillation circuit, DC power supply is also commonly used to replace the rectified source. Improve security

AC regulated power supply, frequency converter: test the next working performance of different voltages and frequencies

electronic load: switching power supply can work only when loading, and some also use resistance. Electronic load can have CV (constant voltage), CI (constant current), CP (constant power) and other functions

digital multimeter: a common test tool

ammeter: measure high current

lcr M. he is very optimistic about the future prospects of the company. Eter: measure resistance, inductance, capacitance, and some self winding inductance used in the switching power supply program circuit (value to be confirmed)

transistor grapher: usually select a paired high-power tube

power meter (VA): measure the effective power, and each performance meets the relevant standards, such as apparent power, voltage, current, etc

power analyzer, power quality analyzer: measure effective power, apparent power, voltage, current, etc., harmonic analysis

constant temperature and humidity box, data collector: aging experiment

recorder, used for high-precision infrared thermometer: temperature measurement

above are common instruments for communication power supply testing. Of course, some special instruments will be selected, such as protocol analyzer, EMC, EMI analyzer, etc

IV. other

power supplies also include ups

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