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Safety management measures for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, test questions

1. Fill in the blank: (1 point per grid, a total of 56 points)

1. Strengthen the safety management of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, ensure the personal and property safety of schools and their students and staff, maintain the normal education and teaching order of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and formulate the safety management measures for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in accordance with () and other laws and regulations

2. School safety management follows the guidelines of (), (), (), ()

3. The school shall perform () and () duties in accordance with the measures for the safety management of primary and secondary school kindergartens

4. The school should abide by the laws, regulations and rules related to safety work, establish and improve various safety management systems and safety emergency mechanisms in the school, and prevent () in time ()

5. The school should establish a leading organization for safety work in the school and implement the () responsibility system; A security organization shall be established, equipped with () or () security personnel, and their security responsibilities shall be clarified

6. Schools should improve (), establish a () system for people outside the school to enter the school, prohibit irrelevant personnel and motor vehicles outside the school from entering the school, and prohibit hazardous substances such as non teaching inflammables and explosives, toxic substances, animals and controlled appliances from being brought into the campus

7. Schools should establish school safety () system and dangerous buildings (), and arrange safety inspection and inspection of schools (), (), (), () in accordance with relevant national regulations

8. Schools should set up () or take () in places prone to danger such as Highlands, pools, stairs, etc. in schools where the Chinese government accelerates the pace of urbanization

9. The school should establish a safety information system that students have the characteristics of high light transmittance, high haze, easy processing, light weight and so on. It can also be transplanted to the processing and experimental equipment reporting system that requires pressure, displacement and speed. The school should timely inform them of the information related to students' safety, such as students () and () time, students () or () situation, and abnormal conditions of students () and ()

10. If a school purchases or rents a motor vehicle specially for picking up and seeing off students, it shall establish () and timely go to () for filing. The vehicle used to pick up students must be () and () maintained and tested

11. The school should establish (), and record daily (), (), (), (), and so on

12. School teachers should abide by () and work discipline, and should not (), (), () or () students; If students' behaviors are found to be dangerous, they should () and () in time and communicate with students ()

13. Schools should focus on safety education for students in (), ()

14. Schools should carry out fire safety education for students. If possible, they can organize students to visit and experience local fire stations, so that students can master basic fire safety knowledge and improve () and () abilities

15. The school should formulate a safety education and training plan for teaching staff, so that teaching staff can be familiar with (), master (), and learn to guide students to prevent (), (), (), () through various ways and methods


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