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Test principle of moisture permeable instrument

test method for water vapor transmittance of films and packages

infrared verification method

water vapor has a specific absorption spectrum for infrared ray. The infrared sensor can detect the concentration of water vapor by detecting the loss of energy before and after the infrared ray passes through the water vapor area, Using this infrared sensor to detect, if the spring does not fail, it proves that the method to verify the moisture permeability of the sample through the experiment is the infrared verification method

the principle of infrared verification method is to separate the experimental film into two independent air flow systems. One side is nitrogen flow with stable relative humidity, and the other side is absolutely dry nitrogen flow. Water vapor passes through the film from the wet nitrogen flow side to the dry nitrogen flow, and with the dry nitrogen flow to the infrared verification sensor, the content of water vapor in nitrogen is measured, and then the water vapor transmittance is obtained

the American MOCON moisture permeable instrument adopts the infrared detection method

to ensure that the experimental machine will not be overloaded and damaged

source: polymer materials forum

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