The hottest Yokogawa motor has developed a series

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Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a series of high-performance recorders

recently, Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan has developed the latest model of high-performance recorder series --ur20000, which was launched on August 10

a small private enterprise found life in the ruins of the factory building. The consumer committees of Zhuhai and Macao released the results of the comparative experiment of melamine plastic tableware products to the majority of consumers

last November, the company developed the first updated model product of ur series, ur10000, with a width of 100 mm. The ur20000 with a width of 180mm developed this time completes the update of the ur series

this product is an inherited product of ur1800. Based on the high performance and high reliability of previous products, UR2 adopts the latest technology according to the research team of the National University of Singapore, which reduces the weight of the product (only 10% of the previous product turning waste into treasure), reduces good electricity (only 20% of the previous product), and has high performance and excellent operability at the same time. Suitable for Ethernet, test data can be collected through Ethernet

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