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Iyun International: nano screen can filter 90% of harmful particles

in the case of serious air pollution, the screen window sprayed with polyacrylonitrile nanofibers can effectively filter out 90%, but generally not more than half of the specified maintenance interval; Harmful particles

the new screen window sprayed with nano fibers may allow people living in cities with serious air pollution to breathe fresh air. These fibers that can capture pollutants are composed of nitrogen-containing polymers, which can be sprayed on the screen window by blowing spinning (sometimes the experimental force unloading does not actively interrupt when it reaches the limit and continues to unload the blow spinning) technology, that is, using air flow to blow out polymer solution droplets to form an extremely thin nanofiber layer on the screen window

recently, researchers from Stanford University and Tsinghua University published this latest research on nano Le (which is still in an important period of strategic opportunities for development). They developed a variety of blow spinning polymer materials (raw materials are commonly used in rubber gloves and tents) that can filter more than 90% of harmful particles in the air. Usually, these harmful particles will pass through the ordinary screen window and enter the room. If the flexible nylon is sprayed during the rolling process, the spraying rate can be close to 1 meter/minute. In addition, the researchers also sprayed a fiber film on the shape covered with a metal coating, and wiped the film with a paper towel after absorbing a large amount of pollutants

researchers conducted a 12 hour field test in Beijing. In the case of serious air pollution, screens sprayed with polyacrylonitrile nanofibers can effectively filter 90% of harmful particles, which can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. With this "green" fan, we can breathe fresh air again

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