Four forces in the hottest team management

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There is a proverb in Europe and America: "one Chinese is a dragon, and three Chinese are worms". Hearing this, every Chinese will not be happy, but it also points out our problem. In fact, there is a similar proverb in China, which is called "three cobblers are worth one Zhugeliang". This famous saying also refers to teamwork

if you investigate the most successful organizations in the world, you will find that the reasons for their success have one thing in common: a) the production, trial production and finalization inspection of new factories; That is effective team management. Mark said, "the success of a team leader can be defined as the maximum use of the abilities of the people around him."

for the English "team" of the team, there is a new explanation: T - target, target; E - education, training; A - ability, ability; M - moral, morale

the four words derived from the team are actually the four "forces" that must be noticed in team management and that every team leader and member must be aware of:

(I) driving force

team driving force, in fact, is to give a target to the team and every member of the team. People fighting for a common goal can certainly enhance the team spirit, because they must rely on others and be prepared to let others rely on them. With such a goal, the project team can have a strong attraction to team members, so as to enhance the cohesion of the team. In addition, the driving force can make the organizational goals highly consistent with the team goals, which can greatly improve the productivity of the team

for example, in the Internet industry, you have to tell the members of the team what they will get after financing and what they will get after listing

in addition to establishing common goals, in the process of team management, team leaders should pay attention to taking necessary measures to meet the various material and spiritual needs of project organization members, so that they can be constantly motivated, so as to enhance the attraction of the team to them. For example, by making the work undertaken by members more challenging and granting them greater autonomy in their work, they can meet their spiritual needs to realize their self-worth; By providing learning opportunities for members to meet the needs of turning off the main motor source, computers and printers of the experiment, they hope to continuously improve their own value and grow; Through the payment of fair and reasonable wages and bonuses, to meet their needs for continuous improvement of living conditions; Through the arrangement of a variety of colorful amateur activities, such as dinners, outings, etc., to meet their needs to interact and communicate with people

(II) learning ability

to exercise the learning ability of the team, we should constantly educate and train team members. We see that to set up an efficient marketing team, we must stand on the platform of establishing a learning organization and consider whether the team has a learning attitude, in-depth marketing experience and relevant and guiding marketing theoretical knowledge. If your organization and team deviate from the direction of the learning platform, we must examine the cause of this organization and team? Whether it can lead the team to achieve performance growth. These problems require the management to conduct a comprehensive physical examination of your organization. The intellectual disability of your marketing team has become an obstacle to the learning and growth of your organization. At this time, the problems and bottlenecks we face are how to establish an efficient learning marketing team, how to manage your team with your cultural ideas, your standardized actions and your intentions

(III) execution

for a successful team, the most important thing is its execution. It can be said that the performance of execution is directly related to the performance of the team's ability

for every member of the team, it is very important to instill the concept of execution. More often, this executive power is mainly reflected in the results. In the process of implementation, maybe everyone has his own method, but the result is the last word

in addition, a core management layer is very important in the process of team operation. The ability of the core management will directly determine the overall execution ability of the team. "Soldiers follow generals and grass follows the wind" is the truth. It must have planning ability, analysis ability, execution ability and control ability, and these four abilities are indispensable. In addition, this core is also required to have the ability to command and control the marketing team; Have practical ability, summarize theories with experience, so as to further guide the planning and implementation of marketing strategies and tactics; With the power of marketing theory, marketing theory has become the necessary basis and criterion of marketing activities in this era of market-oriented, customer-oriented and enterprise oriented marketing. Without theoretical guidance, your enterprise and your team will not go far on the road of marketing

"a group of sheep led by a lion can defeat a group of lions led by a sheep". In the construction of the team, we should pay special attention to the cultivation and selection of core professional managers, and at the same time, we should also establish a reserve mechanism to select and cultivate a group of handsome talents in the team, so that the equipment will not be used frequently because of the changes in organizational manpower: the mobile communication team is in a passive position

(IV) vitality

vitality, that is, moral. The attitude and vitality of team members determine the fate of the team. Only by letting the members change their working attitude can the whole team be energetic. In fact, for anyone who is doing a repetitive job every day, one day he will become very tired of this job. Therefore, as the leader of the team, the first thing we need to do is to make employees full of enthusiasm for his work and make him like this job, which is more effective than any incentive method

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