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At present, with the increasing number of private cars in China, supporting auto repair services have become the following five important factors that affect the performance, accuracy and life of electronic tensile testing machines: Crane tail. To make the auto repair industry survive the "cold winter", we need to improve the management, operation, service, image and other aspects of the automotive aftermarket

automobile maintenance is obviously an indispensable and important part of China's automobile industry. China's automobile industry has an annual growth rate of more than 20%, and its automobile production and sales have ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. With the continuous increase of automobile ownership, the automobile aftermarket has become increasingly ugly. This paper provides a new "prescription" for the automotive aftermarket from the aspects of elite management, big data statistical analysis, and humanized services

under the pressure of the overall economic downturn, looking at all walks of life, how to maintain the status quo or get out of the trough has become a common topic of discussion in most industries. At this time, the development potential of the automotive service industry has shown an increasing trend year by year

according to the data of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, the number of motor vehicles in the country reached 290million, including 194million vehicles, with an average age of 3.23 years and an annual output value of more than 600billion yuan. It is predicted that the number of cars in China will exceed 200 million in 2017, and the average age of cars is close to 4.5 years. The number of cars exceeding the warranty period is about 75million, accounting for 58.9% of the total number of cars. The demand is mainly focused on maintenance and repair

2018 will exceed 5 years. Once the average age of vehicles exceeds 5 years, vehicle maintenance will usher in a large-scale outbreak. Whether from the perspective of data or policy, the market maintenance field will usher in a golden period of development until the car is conditioned to be qualified

but it is worth pondering why the market development trend is so attractive, and many auto repair plants or auto service stores are on the verge of low profits or bankruptcy

on the new year's day of 2017, Luo Zhenyu, the founder of Luoji thinking, mentioned in the new year's speech, "is it the bad environment or the wrong method? Is it the bad industry or the wrong people?" Why do many people say that business is difficult to do, but Ma Yun can make hundreds of billions a day

with the same question, let's think about it. Is the automotive service industry really difficult to achieve? Facing such a large market blue ocean, what is the root cause of the difficulty of doing business? There is no doubt that it is the problem of lifting screw rod and people

nowadays, the market environment is changing rapidly, and the vehicles, owners and competitive environment we serve are changing. However, the heads of many automotive service enterprises fail to keep up with the development of the market and are still operating the enterprise in an inherent way or thinking, which is bound to be left behind by the market. If you want to get rid of business difficulties in 2017, it is suggested to upgrade and transform from the following four aspects

Management: from rough to refined

many auto repair plants have problems such as poor enthusiasm of employees, low morale, serious loss of personnel and so on, which directly affect the business situation

the reason is often that these enterprises do not have a clear organizational structure, job responsibilities, workflow and sustainable training mechanism, let alone a performance appraisal scheme and employee promotion mechanism

if you want to improve the execution of the team, you must import the performance appraisal mechanism and establish a set of rewards and punishment methods suitable for the enterprise

operation: upgrade from feeling to data

enterprises with operating difficulties now often have no data concept or business objectives in operation, such as how many times to enter the factory in a month, how much revenue from repair, maintenance, body metal and paint, what are the business objectives of each month, and how to decompose the business objectives? Which projects, customers and teams will share the overall goals? There is no detailed plan or breakdown of these

in addition, these enterprises do not have basic information analysis in operation, for example, how many base customers the enterprise has, what is the customer turnover rate, model structure, owner composition, etc. Often, when the front desk receives the order, the filling in of the model information is not standardized or complete. In the later stage, it does not continue to improve the customer file form, let alone analyze the customer information

data management can effectively reduce waste, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and stimulate their fighting spirit. If you want to manage the enterprise well, you must clarify the business objectives, refine the objectives, and decompose them to the specific person in charge, so as to achieve the overall objectives

service: optimize the service process to get rid of price competition

now, car owners have higher and higher requirements for service. Compared with other service industries, the level of automotive service is seriously backward, and it is difficult to win the recognition of car owners, whether it is the environment, health or service details of the garage

for example, employees' personal hygiene is poor, they don't pay attention to protecting the appearance and interior of the vehicle, they can't assemble four piece sets and fender covers in strict accordance with the requirements of receiving the vehicle, and they don't pay a timely return visit after the vehicle leaves the factory... These seemingly non-technical problems have actually become the main factors of customer loss

nowadays, whether we can retain customers is not only a technical problem, but also a more important consumer experience in service

image: the appearance should be decent and the interior should be hygienic

"dirty, messy and poor" has always been a common problem in auto repair plants. Although some auto service chain enterprises have made great improvements in image and internal environment, close to the level of 4S stores, many auto service enterprises still have many problems. Whether it is the customer lounge or the workshop, it is full of all kinds of auto parts or sundries, which is messy, It has greatly affected the mood of customers

if it takes time to upgrade the first three aspects, you might as well start with hygiene and make it clear, which is also an important factor to improve the customer experience

from the perspective of the enterprises I have tutored, there are not a few with good hardware conditions. They have a business area of thousands of square meters, dozens of employees, and good geographical location and decoration, but the operation is not good. The problem is management and operation. After the introduction of management tools and mechanisms, the enthusiasm of employees has been greatly improved, and every employee has a plan for his daily work, and his performance has also been greatly improved

therefore, in the face of the market potential of sustainable development, the management and operators of automobile service enterprises must change the concept of operation and management, complete the upgrading and transformation of themselves and enterprises, so as to adapt to the current competitive environment. Only in this way can they add ideas after the intense market preload); In this competition, it is conducive to an invincible position

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