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Yokogawa Electric Corporation released a new integrated production control system CENTUM VP

Yokogawa Electric Corporation officially released the latest integrated production control system centumvp, which will become the flagship platform of vigilantplant's successful business philosophy

vigilantplant is Yokogawa Electric's automation concept of safety, reliability and maximization of factory profits. Vigilantplant strives to create a clear way for sustainable and successful operation - factory employees are alert, attentive, accurate and timely information transmission, and ready to optimize the efficiency of the factory and business. This initiative effectively avoids unplanned downtime, increases asset availability, and enables business processes to quickly and effectively adjust and adapt to market changes. Based on this concept, Yokogawa electric released the safety optimization solution in 2005, the asset optimization solution in 2006, and the production optimization solution in 2007. The release of centumvp has brought the concept of vigilantplant to a new stage. It integrates three optimization solutions into a successful business platform

centumvp is the 8th generation product of CENTUM series after centumcs1000/centumcs3000. In addition to ensuring the compatibility and consistency with the previous CENTUM system, centumvp redefined the production control system, which is commonly referred to as the role of DCS. Beyond the control and monitoring functions of traditional DCS, centumvp integrates the functions of plant information management, asset management and operation support, making it a unified operating environment for drawing experimental curves in real time. Centumvp provides a solid foundation for successful operation through all-round information transmission and access to key information based on authority

"centumvp is designed to provide real-time decision-making information for all levels of plant operation. This important improvement in information efficiency enables customers to enhance plant security and business flexibility at the same time." facing the best road of rejuvenation in a century, Mr. satorukurosu, head of Yokogawa electric ia said

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