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Yiwu Zhaolong group: cooperate with central enterprises to develop equipment manufacturing industry

Yiwu Zhaolong group: cooperate with central enterprises to develop local amplification industry of equipment manufacturing

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from operating the logistics industry to acting as an agent for automobile brands, to now producing and manufacturing special vehicles and occupying an important position in the domestic special vehicle manufacturing industry, Zhaolong group has made solid and steady progress in every step. Now, the special vehicle project of Zhaolong group, located at the intersection of Wuzhou Avenue and Xiangxi road in Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone, has achieved initial results. The first phase of the project officially put into operation last August has completed an investment of 446.5 million yuan. Now, more than 150 special vehicles are produced every month, and the output value is expected to reach 1billion yuan in 2014. This is just the beginning of Zhaolong group's "car making dream"

the connection between Zhaolong group and central enterprises is not accidental. Founded in 1986, Zhaolong group, relying on the rapid development of Yiwu market, has gradually developed into a large user of FAW Jiefang Truck in Zhejiang and a service station and dealer of FAW Jiefang Truck since it began to operate the logistics industry. Years of cooperation have also enabled Zhaolong group to establish a deep friendship with FAW Group and laid a good foundation for future cooperation

"In fact, in the process of many years of cooperation with FAW Group, we have also benefited a lot. By acting as an agent for Toyota, Audi and other brands under FAW Group, we have been exposed to the management and business philosophy of the world's top enterprises and learned modern enterprise management. These advanced enterprise management and business philosophy, combined with the development idea of Yiwu enterprises' business before work, shop before factory ', have laid the foundation for the development of Zhaolong group. Since 2003 Since then, Zhaolong group has been planning to develop the special vehicle equipment manufacturing industry. " Ma Hongwei, general manager of Yiwu Zhaolong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., said, "it is not easy to develop the special vehicle equipment manufacturing industry. Even in the whole of Zhejiang, the special vehicle equipment manufacturing industry is still a blank. With the care and support of provincial and municipal leaders at that time, after more than five years of efforts, Zhaolong group obtained the special vehicle production license from the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industrial information technology in 2008. This opened the door to the 'dream of making cars'."

the first phase of the project with an annual output value of up to 1billion yuan has been officially put into production.

with a stepping stone, it is natural that hardware and software are also needed as the foundation. Zhaolong heavy industry started from the foundation, carried out technical reserves in all aspects from metal welding, hydraulic transmission, machining, mold manufacturing and other fields, and concentrated a number of young and middle-aged talents in the production and research of special vehicles in China. "Professional technical force enables the company to have a complete set of system integration capabilities such as special vehicle product design, production line process layout, tooling manufacturing, etc.". Ma Hongwei told that considering that Peng, the capital construction of the country, can not only devote itself to producing satisfactory products for new and old customers, but also develop rapidly, Zhaolong heavy industry decided to start to try the production and manufacture of special vehicles based on concrete mixer trucks. In May, 2012, the industrialization investment and construction project with an annual output of 10000 special vehicles and construction machinery and equipment products finally started construction

"Zhaolong special vehicle project is the city's first major industrial project of 'one enterprise, one policy' introduced by Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone. The planned total land area is 430 mu, with a total investment of 2billion yuan. After reaching the production capacity, it will produce 10000 special vehicles of all kinds, of which the annual production capacity of concrete mixer trucks is more than 4000. After more than a year of construction, the first phase of the project was officially put into operation in August 2013, and the output value in 2014 is expected to reach 1billion yuan. At present, the second phase of the project is under construction The construction of dense drum. " Ma Hongwei said

it is planned to build a special vehicle production base in three years

of course, Zhaolong heavy industry's "vehicle building speed" will obviously not stop here. Statistics show that six out of every 10 mixers commissioned by FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. to be refitted and sold nationwide this year were produced by Zhaolong heavy industry. 2. The top management of FAW Jiefang attached great importance to the materials with large deformation. Through investigation and negotiation, FAW Jiefang decided to take advantage of the advantages of Yiwu's investment and foreign trade export environment to reach a strategic partnership with Zhaolong group, and vigorously support the construction of a special vehicle production base in Yiwu that "uses FAW Jiefang Truck Chassis, covers East and South China, and expands exports"

according to the plan, the two sides plan to cooperate to build a special vehicle production base in Yiwu, which integrates five series of concrete, dump, sanitation, tank type and lifting, with more than 60 products and the manufacturing capacity of 20000 special vehicles. It is expected that the annual output value will reach 5billion yuan, and the long-term output value may exceed 10billion yuan

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