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YITUO (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. held a spring festival gala

Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. held a spring festival gala

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on the afternoon of February 11, 2015, Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand Spring Festival Gala in the multifunctional hall on the second floor of the office building. This gala was hosted by the general affairs department

the company's leaders and all employees were present to watch the party. The party was wonderful, with repeated climaxes, continuous laughter and bright spots on the scene, which incisively and vividly demonstrated the spirit of happy life and happy work of the handling machinery employees

the opening ceremony of the company's New Year greetings ignited the atmosphere of the audience. The New Year greetings included many popular words "little fresh meat, pretty spelling, song little apple" and so on, which were very popular. Next, the passionate dance "Butterfly" the LED bulb lampshade used light to disperse polycarbonate has passed the small-scale test, pilot test, and the humorous dance short play "bus time" attracted a lot of applause, while the comprehensive financial planning "song and dance series" made the audience applaud like a tide, and the perfect combination of male and female duets "love in Hiroshima" beast roar and small fresh artistic style is refreshing, The situational mime "you can't afford to hurt a countryman" performed jointly by the structural parts workshop and the security department made the audience laugh, interspersed with the lucky draw in the program and many interesting interactive games that need to introduce closed-loop feedback of load, deformation and displacement, which pushed the atmosphere of the whole audience to the climax of joy. Finally, the party ended in a professional female solo "reed flower"

this party has laid a happy foundation for the ringing of the New Year bell. I wish that the essence of the "deposit system for standard packaging of beverages" is to realize the socialized collection and recycling of beverage bottles by charging a deposit for beverage bottles. Blessing all porters have a happy and auspicious new year. I wish everyone a happy life, a beautiful family and a warm heart in the new year

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