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YITUO shares were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

Introduction: on August 8, the A-share shares of first tractor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yituo shares) were listed and traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. A-share of Yituo shares is referred to as Yituo shares for short. The stock code is 601038, and the issue price per share is 5.40 yuan. The total amount of funds raised in this issue is 81000

on August 8, the A-share shares of first tractor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yituo shares) were listed and traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. A-share of Yituo shares is abbreviated as "Yituo shares", with the stock code of "601038", the issuance price of each share is 5.40 yuan, and the total amount of funds raised in this issuance is 810million yuan. The listing of Yituo shares means that China's first agricultural concept stocks listed in Hong Kong have officially landed on the mainland capital market

Ren Hongbin, chairman of the board, Luo Jiapeng, chief accountant, Liu Dagong, vice president, relevant leaders of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Henan Province and Luoyang Municipal governments, and the main principals of CITIC Securities and China Yituo attended the listing ceremony

At about 9:30, the gong for the listing of Yituo shares sounded, marking the official landing of Yituo shares in the A-share market, and the audience applauded warmly

Yituo Co., Ltd., founded in May 1997, is a joint-stock limited company based on the reorganization of tractors and other assets and businesses in the first tractor manufacturer (later restructured and renamed as China YITUO Group Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "China Yituo"). On June 23, 1997, Yituo shares were listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong, becoming the only Chinese agricultural machinery enterprise with H-share listing. Over the past 50 years, Yituo has produced more than 3 million Dongfanghong tractors and other agricultural equipment, which has made important contributions to China's agricultural mechanization. "Dongfanghong" has become the most influential agricultural machinery brand in China. In the 1990s, China's first professional production base of high-power tractors was built in Yituo Co., Ltd. in October 2009, Yituo Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the first 380 HP High-power Tractor in China, marking that the manufacturing capacity of domestic high-power tractors has jumped to a new level. In September, 2010, "Dongfanghong" power shift heavy-duty tractor went offline, ending the history of international large agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises monopolizing power shift manufacturing technology

according to the data, the number of tractors produced by Yituo Co., Ltd. in 2011 may be 417200 standard units after the holiday, with a domestic market share of 22.49%, ranking first in the industry. Among them, the high-power wheeled tractors, which represent the advanced technology of tractors, produced 43900 units in 2010, with a market share of 34.83%, ranking first in China; In 2011, the company produced 47600 sets, with a market share of 35.36%, ranking first in China; The domestic market share of diesel engine business for tractors with more than 55 horsepower and self-propelled harvesters is about 60%

it is understood that the establishment of Yituo's leading position in the stock market is the result of adhering to technological innovation for a long time. YITUO Co., Ltd. has the first national technology and structure further optimization center in the agricultural machinery industry, presided over the revision of more than 140 national and industrial standards, presided over and completed a number of national science and technology support plans and 863 projects, and undertook the performance testing of tractors in the industry, and the testing of products exported to the European Union, the United States and other countries. In recent years, continuous investment in R & D and technological innovation has made the software and hardware developed by Yituo reach the international advanced level, laying the foundation for subsequent product upgrading and continuous leadership. At present, they have 92 internationally advanced and domestically leading scientific and technological achievements, including 15 filling domestic gaps and nearly 200 patents. In July 2011, Yituo was recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of finance as the first batch of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises and the only one in the agricultural machinery industry

in March 2011, Yituo successfully acquired the French McCormick factory that produces tractor power shift transmission system, and set up Yituo French Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. (yto France SAS), which is the first case of overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese agricultural machinery enterprises. Using the mature product technology and process technology owned by McCormick factory in France, Yituo will form a power shift technology covering the full power range on the basis of the original power shift technology, which reflects the close and friendly relationship between our two countries, so as to lay a solid foundation for the overall upgrading of Chinese Tractor Products in the future and for the direct competition between Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises and international agricultural machinery giants. YITUO French agricultural equipment company will also become the company's manufacturing base, R & D center and product sales center in Europe, laying the foundation for the company's products to enter the markets of developed countries

at the same time, Yituo Co., Ltd. accelerated the pace of enterprise market layout. In addition to the headquarters manufacturing base in Luoyang, they also established advanced manufacturing bases in Heilongjiang and Xinjiang respectively. The funds raised from the stock issuance of Yituo will be used for high-power agricultural diesel engine projects, new wheeled tractor core capacity improvement projects, Xinjiang agricultural equipment construction projects and fuel injection system product upgrading and capacity expansion projects. After the implementation of these projects, first, it can promote the upgrading of the company's product technology, consolidate the company's continuous leading edge, and second, improve the company's strategic layout. With the implementation of the project, the profit contribution to the company will be released

for the future development of the enterprise, zhaoshanshui, chairman of Yituo Co., Ltd., believes that after entering the "12th Five Year Plan", the company has carefully summarized the experience and lessons in the process of enterprise development and determined the strategic development idea of "focusing on the core and building a strong" by studying the noble, fashionable, scientific and technological appearance of most of China's traditional household appliances, the strategic transformation of economic development, the mode of economic development, and the development and evolution law of the agricultural machinery industry, That is, gather core resources, focus on core businesses, and focus on core markets; Focus on improving the ability of independent innovation, marketing, international operation and talents to strengthen the enterprise, and constantly improve the innovation and operation ability of the company; Strengthen the core business of tractors and diesel engines, strengthen the gold supply chain system of parts, strengthen the domestic and foreign markets, and build China Yituo into an excellent global agricultural equipment supplier

the landing of Yituo shares in the domestic A-share market will undoubtedly help the company accelerate its development and provide a strong guarantee for the company's future performance

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