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At present, many small and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers are quite distressed about how to have high-quality and profitable sources of goods, stable customers, and how many auto parts operators dream of in the increasingly thin profit auto parts business. However, the actual situation is like this. There are few auto parts manufacturers with a relatively stable supply channel and customer market, which can be said to be rare. As a small and medium-sized auto parts supplier, without rich resources and financial support, it has to establish a long-term business cooperation relationship with the general agent (central warehouse) in the region. Many problems must also be faced, such as small sales, relatively long delivery time, and long-term control by suppliers. Under such circumstances, how to achieve the three wins of regional suppliers, end dealers and user owners may be a more concerned issue for more auto parts people. As a small and medium-sized auto parts circulation enterprise, how can a service provider of end customers operate effectively and find a balance among suppliers, end dealers and owners

the operation of auto parts has become an important link in this pillar industry chain. The oil output of oil return pipes is large. More than 1000 auto parts cities across the country have become an important channel for the needs of car owners' parts. The auto parts industry has made more and more contributions to the national GDP, and the auto parts operators have also increased rapidly with the rapid development of the industry. The brutal market competition between the same industry of auto parts has never stopped. However, in reality, many bosses of small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises are still constantly looking for small factory parts and replacement parts to run into the auto parts market to find the cheapest and most profitable ones; Still there "only recognize the price and don't look at the goods. Whoever can get cheap will buy the goods"; At the critical moment of the overall transformation of the industry, as an operator of the commercial vehicle parts industry, there are too many things to change and improve. Under the new situation, small and medium-sized auto parts circulation enterprises should talk about how to strengthen the construction of commodity resources, adjust the purchase channel strategy, analyze customer needs, and obtain excellent supply channels

first, under the new situation, the importance of supply channel adjustment

What Xia Liangqiang worries about is that in our auto parts distribution enterprises, in addition to customer resources, commodity resources are also an important guarantee for enterprise development. Only goods that are marketable, meet customer requirements and make money for enterprises are excellent resources. In previous years, there were few enterprises in the whole auto parts industry that could produce high-quality products, and most of the products were also delivered to the whole vehicle host factory for supporting loading. The original parts flowing into the post market were very rare, which gave some small production enterprises or manufacturers who did not have the ability to produce high-quality parts the opportunity to develop, resulting in small parts, inferior parts, and even fake and inferior parts flooding the market. On the one hand, our general dealers often cannot purchase the high-quality products of the original factory because of the small quantity of goods and the general relationship with large manufacturers. They can only retreat and take these small factory parts and informal channel parts as their main commodities, and the profit space of these parts is often higher than that of the original factory parts. Therefore, it has become the habit of many dealers to sell only sub factory parts and small factory parts, and counterfeit parts that can make money have formed a regular purchase channel. On the other hand, customers at that time also liked to buy cheap goods because of market factors in the stage of economic development, such as low vehicle value, low freight rates, and difficulties in making big money. They could only buy small factory parts. These are the consequences of the continuation of the traditional business mode under the condition of shortage economy in previous years, but the auto parts industry has developed to today, and many situations in the market have undergone fundamental changes, including the progress of social consumption concept, the transformation of customer demand mode, and the adjustment of manufacturers' market objectives. As a front-line dealer in the market, we must have a transformation and change with the times for the positioning of commodity resources, the adjustment of purchase channels, as well as the business model, marketing concept, operation mode, etc. otherwise, it is difficult to survive. Because this is the general trend of market development, no one can violate this economic law

second, customer demand is changing, and the demand for accessories is also changing

in recent years, many changes have taken place in the demand concept of the majority of users for the whole vehicle. Instead of putting the price of the car first, they take its economy, comfort, loading capacity, functional configuration and so on as the main considerations. Especially for heavy-duty trucks with large tonnage, high configuration and high profitability and high-grade light cargo (passenger) vehicles, they have become the mainstream consumption trend. The rapid growth of vehicle social ownership in all regions is the best explanation. We should also fully realize that real car owners can afford hundreds of thousands of yuan of complete vehicles. How much money will they buy small factory parts to save? Will you buy bargains for the sake of never knowing the true and false goods? Therefore, they have a new understanding and qualitative change of the relationship between the value and price of commodities. They are well aware that the impact of using non original parts is not only to use less time, but also to cause more losses, not just to run a few days less. Buying original parts and high-quality parts and pursuing high cost performance have become the common consumption concept of the new generation of Post-70s and post-80s car owners. With the improvement of self-protection awareness, safety has attracted their full attention. Now most decision makers of transportation and logistics enterprises have really taken "quality first" as their preferred requirement for purchasing accessories, which will inevitably drive users at all levels of society to raise the consumption level of auto parts to a new level. Therefore, as a technology is the key to the production of experimental machines, modern auto parts operators must adjust commodity procurement strategies, improve the quality and grade of inventory commodities, and meet the needs of a new generation of customers

third, we should see that in the future, the supply channels of accessories are gradually standardized

in recent years, whether domestic old brand commercial vehicle manufacturers for many years or host manufacturers with strong development in recent years, they have paid unprecedented attention to the after-sales market, and the profits of finished vehicles are increasingly thin. As a service guarantee, the supply of after-sales accessories has become an important source of corporate profits with the growth of volume, Therefore, almost every high-level vehicle host enterprise attaches great importance to it. Moreover, with the transfer of the profit focus of these large enterprises and the intensification of horizontal competition, they have made great adjustments to the business strategy of the post market, and have also sorted out and integrated the supply and marketing channels of the original self-made parts and packaged vehicle parts, and have established a special spare parts supply management department. They are full of expectations to make full use of the existing social dealer network to expand the sales market of their accessories and establish a standardized accessory supply and after-sales service system, and have basically established their own accessory supply and after-sales service system. For example, China heavy truck, Foton Auman, Shaanxi heavy truck, Weichai Power, Yuchai Machinery, Dongfeng commercial vehicle, FAW spare parts, JAC automobile, etc. have released information at several auto parts industry conferences to discuss cooperation matters. This practice of selecting general agents in various provinces and cities, setting up central warehouses, and then setting up regional distribution channels below not only ensures the supply of accessories at special service stations during the warranty period of the vehicle host, but also extends to meet the needs of users for accessories outside the "warranty period", reduces the repeated investment in human, material and financial resources of the vehicle host enterprise, and also provides a guarantee for the enterprise to expand brand awareness, occupy more markets, and obtain more profits. This practice has formed a development trend. Every auto parts operator who suggests developing high-strength reinforcement in the building materials industry chain should be aware of the impact this trend will have on our future auto parts business

IV. return to the essence of dealers, stabilize cooperation, improve service, and establish a win-win situation

long term auto parts business practice has fully proved that whoever has a long-term stable and excellent commodity resource channel will take the initiative in the market. In the past, as long as you have goods in the store, you can't sell them. Now you can't just have goods. You must also be marketable and have sufficient advantages in commodity quality, price and service. If we still rely on the "ordinary goods" and "parallel goods" provided by various businesses in auto parts cities around the country, we will definitely not be able to do so. Therefore, it is a wise choice to find the general agent of the main brand models in large regions to cooperate and rely on the abundant inventory resources of the central library to meet the needs of local end market customers. Therefore, it requires those dealers who expect the enterprise to develop better to update their purchasing concepts, improve the purchase methods, adjust the commodity structure, improve the management level of stores, create various advantageous conditions, take the initiative to contact the parts supply department of the vehicle host manufacturer, strive to obtain the agency rights in small areas within their capabilities, improve long-term business cooperation with the general agents in large areas, and strive for more preferential sales policies, On the basis of making every effort to do a good job in various services, we should completely abandon the original sense of small-scale peasant economy, and we should not just focus on the present and care about the gains and losses of one thing at a time; Don't just focus on convenience and forget the rules. As long as you make money, don't serve, blindly sell and shirk, and haggle with suppliers, unreasonable "Three Guarantees", non payment of arrears, and excessive demands. Only in this way can we obtain the trust and support of vehicle host enterprises, general agents and users, and survive the upcoming overall transformation of the industry

with the great development of China's auto industry, the importance of the auto parts industry in the whole auto industry is self-evident. This is a golden mountain and a battlefield. As a small and medium-sized auto parts enterprise, there are many aspects that need to be changed and improved in this gold mine competition without the support of rich resources and abundant funds similar to large enterprises. The market is also a battlefield. In the transformation of the overall industry and the silent efforts of large enterprises, how not to be eliminated is a problem that small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises should face and think about

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