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Yokogawa electric released a new spectrometer for short wavelength measurement

Yokogawa Electric Corporation of Japan recently launched a new spectral analyzer aq6373, which is suitable for short wavelength measurement, with a range of 350nm ~ 1200nm. Yokogawa Electric has maintained a leading position in the field of optical communication testing since its acquisition of Ando company. Spectrum analyzer is a fist product with a traditional reputation

aq6373 uses monochromatic mirror technology and has excellent optical measurement capabilities, such as high-precision wavelength measurement, high resolution, large dynamic speed up the updating range of plastic granulator technology, and so on. It inherits the advantages of aq6370b's friendly user interface and excellent measurement throughput, and will greatly improve work efficiency in many test occasions. Aq6373 can meet the measurement needs of short wavelength devices in many application fields, such as medical treatment, biology, material processing, telecommunications, incomplete statistical equipment, etc., and is especially suitable for the R & D and production of short wavelength lasers, optical passive devices and LEDs. It can replace many spectral analyzers that are synchronized with aq6315

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