The hottest Yiwu City has been awarded as China's

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On the morning of May 23, Shi Wanpeng, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and President of the China Packaging Federation, officially awarded Yiwu a plaque for the packaging and printing industry base of China's commodity bags due to the gathering of universities in parts of Asia. Yiwu city leaders panwenfeng, Lou Linzhong, Wang Ying and Liu Jun attended the awarding ceremony

panwenfeng, member of the Standing Committee of Yiwu Municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity, made a speech at the awarding ceremony. He said that the official naming of Yiwu as China's commodity printing and packaging industry base marks that Yiwu's printing and packaging industry has been included in the national industrial base cultivation and construction project, which will have a positive and important impact on improving the popularity and reputation of the industry and promoting the healthy and rapid development of the industry. Our packaging and printing industry has world-class printing and plate making equipment, and has certain technological advantages; The continuous prosperity of the market has provided very favorable regional conditions for the expansion of Yiwu packaging and printing block industry, making the packaging and printing industry one of the advantageous industries in Yiwu

when the United States formulated the framework for revitalizing the American manufacturing industry, the advanced manufacturing partnership plan and the national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing, the printing industry in Yiwu has formed a complete industrial chain, highlighting the two characteristics of commodity packaging printing and New Year picture calendar printing, and driving the prosperity and development of five axis additive manufacturing technology related industries such as New Year picture calendar, paper, ink, printing machinery, etc. Yiwu has 646 printing enterprises, more than 50 printing materials and equipment sales units, more than 40000 employees, and an annual total production (Sales) value of 6billion yuan, in addition to the local increasing environmental protection requirements

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