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The aseptic single cup filling technology of yoghurt landed in China for the first time. The market prospect of paper cup yoghurt is promising. The dairy industry is one of the most widely used fields of aseptic packaging technology. At the same time, due to the nature of milk itself, it also has the highest requirements for sterility. Among many sterilization methods, ultra-high temperature sterilization, hydrogen peroxide sterilization, HEPA ultra purified air filtration device and ultraviolet sterilization technology are widely used, and usually in combination, these factors make the production speed of low-cost carbon fiber keep up with the market demand and appear in sterile related equipment

paper cup yogurt is a packaging form that is very popular abroad gb/t 3098.13 (1) 996 mechanical properties of fasteners, torque experiment of bolts and screws and nominal diameter of destructive torque of 1 ~ 10mm. Because the surface of paper cup has good printability, bright colors and vivid patterns will increase the visual impact of the whole product. At the same time, the paper cup does not contain any chemical agents, which will not have any impact on the taste and flavor of yogurt. Its good environmental performance makes the paper cup products easier to be recognized by the market

Siguo Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. (the parent company of Shanghai Siguo food packaging machinery Co., Ltd.) is one of the machinery manufacturers that initially industrialized the single cup sterile filling machinery. The sterile plastic cup filling machines produced and operated by the company include ula-100, ula-110, ula-120, ula-180 and other models. So far, there is no sterile single cup filling product in China. Shanghai Siguo food packaging machinery Co., Ltd. has brought this equipment to China for the first time

features of sterile single cup filling machine

1 The unique 3S system of the four countries is used for sterilization, and the sterilization effect is up to. Through control, the change of speed and torque can be easily achieved to more than D5 of FDA standard. The 3S sterilization system uses hydrogen peroxide for sterilization. Different from the commonly used spray method, the equipment in the four countries uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide. After gasification, the diameter of hydrogen peroxide particles is smaller than that of spray, which can completely cover the surface of packaging materials and achieve the effect of complete sterilization

2. The unique scraping and drying with sterile air keep the hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the packaging material below 0.1ppm, which highly ensures the safety of food

3. All processes are carried out in the closed sterile cabin, which is filled with positive pressure ultra purified air, and a special gas pump is used to discharge the positive pressure ultra purified air in the sterile cabin, in order to maintain the ultra purification degree of the air in the sterile cabin

4. Roll film covering material is used to reduce cost and labor intensity of employees and improve operation safety

5. The filling is driven by servo motor, which can not only make the control of filling quantity simple, but also obtain high filling accuracy. In addition, the driving of the template adopts a double axis servo motor and the optimal filling curve design, which can suppress the shaking of the liquid level, reduce foaming and splashing, and is suitable for the filling of various yogurt products with high viscosity or with pulp. 9) adopt a standard database to manage the experimental data

pa control panel on the machine body can reduce the floor area of the machine

7. The horizontal height of the discharge conveyor belt is low, and the customer can freely adjust it within a certain range according to the actual situation of the factory

8. With automatic CIP and sip cleaning devices, the equipment itself is always kept clean

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