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Summary of the seminar on expanding the export of printing machinery to Russia

on June 26, 2002, the printing press association held the "seminar on expanding the export of printing machinery to Russia" in the hotel of Mudanjiang commercial building. The guiding ideology of the seminar is to implement the spirit of the export work conference held by the association in March and the policies of relevant countries to encourage exports; Second, report the import and export of printing machinery to enterprises in recent years, especially the export to Russia; Third, listen to Russian mm Ц The group company and China Suifenhe Trade Commodity Exhibition Co., Ltd. to Russia introduced the situation and relevant policies of Russia's printing industry and border trade, so as to help enterprises study the countermeasures taken to expand exports to Russia. The meeting invited beiren group, Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd., Harbin printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Changchun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Chenggong Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Ruian Zhongde group, four printing and packaging machinery enterprises including Huawei, Huayue, Jinbao and Rongqing, Fujian Nanping Guangyu group and Jingdong electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, The general managers or deputy general managers of 16 enterprises including Beijing Machangying printing machine company attended the meeting, and the managers in charge of foreign trade business of five enterprises attended the meeting at the same time. Also attending the meeting were printing press association, exhibition center and Russian mm Ц Relevant leaders of the group and China Suifenhe China Russia trade commodity exhibition Co., Ltd. A total of more than 30 delegates attended the seminar

the meeting was presided over by Zhang Zhiyuan, chairman of the printing press association, and introduced the situation of inspecting the printing industry market in Russia. Ma Jincai, general manager of China Suifenhe Russia trade commodity exhibition Co., Ltd., introduced the import and export policies, import and export products and the planning of establishing a China Russia trade zone at China Suifenhe Russia trade port. Han Xiaoliang, Secretary General of the printing press association, conveyed the three measures proposed by the export work meeting of the association to expand exports, namely, the establishment of the printing communication information consulting company, and the external publicity of printing machinery enterprises and products by Internet, VCD discs and Chinese and English books and periodicals; The second measure is to set up an exhibition committee to organize printing machine enterprises to hold exhibitions abroad and expand their international influence; The third measure is to set up an export committee to study relevant export policies. The meeting also introduced the exhibition to be held abroad next year, the relevant policies to encourage exports, the export volume and varieties of printing machinery to Russia in 2001, and the third batch of catalogue of eliminating backward products proposed by the State Economic and Trade Commission. Russia is the first choice for new material utilization research and industrialization Ц The group introduced the Russian printing industry market, equipment and requirements for entering the Russian market. Zhao Jiazhou, deputy director of the exhibition sales Committee of the printing press association, put forward the feasibility analysis of holding exhibitions in Suifenhe, China and Vladivostok, Russia on the basis of summarizing the exhibitions held in Vladivostok, Russia in 2001

after full discussion, the meeting made the following decisions:

1. After holding an exhibition abroad and two visits to the Russian Far East, in addition to the products of Yingkou Guanhua offset press company, Russia basically did not understand Chinese printing machine products and did not understand the Chinese and English samples attending the meeting, so it unanimously requested Russian samples, Therefore, the printing press association entrusted China Suifenhe Trade Commodity Exhibition Co., Ltd. to use the 3D printing of environmental friendly plastics, which can also realize the advantage of using Russian samples for the localization of product production, translate the enterprise's product samples into Russian for compensation, and strive to feed back the official materials translated into Russian to the enterprises free of charge throughout Russia in October this year, so as to print Russian samples and participate in the Moscow printing machinery exhibition

2. After research, it is determined that the printing machinery exhibition will be held in Suifenhe, China in February next year, which will be organized by China Suifenhe Trade Commodity Exhibition Co., Ltd. to Russia and Russia mm Ц The group is responsible for organizing printing enterprises in Russia and around Suifenhe River to visit the exhibition, and the exhibition center of the exhibition sales Committee of the printing press association is responsible for the exhibition

3. Whether to continue the exhibition in the Far East of Russia will be studied and determined after the samples of Russian products are in Russia

during the meeting, all delegates drove to Suifenhe City to visit the Sino Russian trade zone and the exhibition site, and received an interview from Yang Jianan, vice mayor of Suifenhe Municipal People's government. At the meeting, Yang Jianan, vice mayor, introduced the history of Sino Russian bilateral trade and the plan for establishing a free trade zone in Suifenhe City. The association also introduced the printing machinery industry and watched the video of the development of Suifenhe port

after the closing of the conference, 16 representatives from 11 enterprises were also organized to investigate the printing industry in the cities of Khabarovsk (Boli), ussurisk (Shuangchengzi) and Vladivostok (Vladivostok) in the Far East of Russia. They successively visited a newspaper printing plant, a book printing plant and a packaging printing plant. The main products of the other three printing plants are forms, cards, Express Printing and advertising, He also visited an international exhibition center. He was also invited to participate in the product promotion meeting attended by the deputy director of Vladivostok Municipal Economic Commission, and had technical exchanges with five printing factories. They had a strong interest in Chinese printing machinery and put forward the initiative of cooperating in setting up factories, establishing service centers and holding exhibitions. The overall impression of the investigation is that the printing industry in the Russian Far East has not bid farewell to lead and fire, and the printing equipment is extremely old and aging. There is no multi-color offset press in various formats. It mainly relies on second-hand two-color press to win the world. It mainly relies on manual operation after printing, and photographic plate making before printing. Although the Russian Far East market is small, with the recovery and development of the economy, 90% of the printing machinery will be upgraded, and this market should be occupied by China

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