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In recent years, the voice of environmental protection has become higher and higher, which has not only brought new breakthroughs to the development of China's future mining industry, but also provided good opportunities and development space for the whole industry. Zhengzhou Zhongyi Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has seized the market opportunity, catered to the development needs of the industry, and continuously developed large-scale and technologically advanced impact crushers to help the development of China's mining industry

while encouraging the construction of green mines, the state has also strengthened the efforts to rectify the mining market. With the closure of a large number of small metallurgy, small coal mines and small cement enterprises, new large concentrators, large coal preparation plants and large cement plants have been built one after another, which provides opportunities for the market demand of mining equipment, but also puts forward higher requirements. Therefore, there is a more urgent need for energy-saving and environmental protection equipment with large processing capacity, high separation efficiency and reliable operation in the market. Then, the automation, large-scale and high-efficiency energy-saving of mine environmental protection equipment have become the key research topics of mining machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises in the future

therefore, mining machinery and equipment enterprises pay more and more attention to the R & D and production of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. For example, mining machinery adopts the design principles of long life, low energy consumption and weight reduction, while the impact crusher developed by Zhongyi is a relatively counterpart energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in the market. It adopts multi cavity uniform crushing technology, which is almost blank in most places; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Through the optimal design of crushing cavity to improve the efficiency and quality of crushing, the tensile testing machine with ball screw as servo system is especially suitable for crushing hard rock; The technicians also adjusted the depth of the internal structure. The whole plate structure makes the discharge smaller particle size and cube without internal cracks. It has become the preferred equipment for high-quality stones in the fields of high-grade highways, water conservancy, airports and high-speed railways

the comprehensive promotion and application of various physical and mechanical performance testing machines for Sino Italian plastic films, wires and cables, waterproof rolls, metal wires, cartons and other materials, and the impact crusher will greatly improve the high-end, environmental protection and modernization of Sino Italian products. It has also laid a solid foundation for China and Italy to comprehensively build the first brand of high-end equipment of China's mining machinery


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