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It is understood that the wall cloth has rich styles and brilliant decorative effects, and is increasingly favored by consumers. Melo seamless wall cloth experts remind you that when purchasing wall cloth, you should first pay attention to the environmental protection of the product and the paving of wall cloth

it is understood that wall coverings have rich styles and brilliant decorative effects, which are increasingly favored by consumers. But many consumers don't know how to buy wall coverings. Experts from Meile seamless wallcovering Co., Ltd. remind you that first, we should pay attention to the environmental protection of products and the paving of Wallcovering

environmental protection is the primary condition for choosing decorative wall cloths. Consumers should try not to choose wall cloths that smell plastic when buying, and they should not judge the quality of decorative wall cloths simply by the price. When shopping, you should wipe it with water and burn it with fire, and make more comparisons. In order to improve the service life of the wall cloth, consumers must also pay attention to the paving link. First of all, the construction materials should preferably use well-known brand wall cloth, which is firm, water-resistant and moisture-proof, and can effectively resist the invasion of "back to the South"; Secondly, when paving, the wall surface should be flat, clean, hard, dry and free of cracks. At the same time, the wall surface should be sealed with base film or varnish

are you still using latex paint for decoration? The chemical factors and toxic gases are always lingering on the wall, and the pungent taste makes the new home unable to live in for a long time. Meile seamless wallcovering Co., Ltd. has recently launched a new wall technology, using the seamless wallcovering developed from natural jute plant fiber as an upgraded replacement product for latex paint and wallpaper, which more fully reflects the environmental protection and health of home. Meile seamless wall cloth will not produce any formaldehyde and odor during the construction process, nor will it produce powder and construction waste. The decoration of the new house can be directly pasted, which saves you a lot of decoration costs and time. In particular, many old houses will have wall cracks and other phenomena. If you want to rebuild, you have to consider moving, so you can only procrastinate again and again. With this latest technology, there is no need to move at all, and the construction period only takes 3-5 days

in the production process, Melo seamless wall fabric adopts modern new natural environmental protection materials, such as the processing of natural plant fibers such as silk, hemp and cotton, which completely gets rid of the dyeing and printing process of traditional textile technology. It adopts advanced nano yarn dyed technology, through the unique multi-channel cleaning process such as dyeing and cleaning of raw material yarn and sterilization and cleaning of fabric at 120 ℃ for 3 hours, It completely solves and avoids the multiple pollution in the production process of other wall cloths and other decorative materials, and ensures the environmental protection performance and quality of all products




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