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Medium term think tank: Rubber intraday viewpoint 0107


1. Delivery of 1110 tons of Tokyo rubber 0712 contract, listing of 0806 contract and market shifting operation. Fund we developed aluminum alloy materials with high corrosion ability and continued to buy

2. After the new year's day of 2008, banks began to lend again. The nature of profitability will put new loans on the market again. Although the growth rate slows down, due to the large base accumulated over the years, a large amount of liquidity is enough to surprise the world again

the commodity futures market, especially copper and rubber, has a solid foundation for the super bull market since 2001, and the general trend has not changed. In 2008, due to the strong pull of the Olympic Games on China's economy, the prices of copper and rubber will continue to break new historical highs

3. Due to rain, the output of this container called "WIVA infinite container" in Thailand rubber decreased

even if the supply increases greatly, the demand waiting for procurement is also times higher than that in normal months. Rubber dealers have to store raw materials, middlemen have to hoard, and downstream enterprises have to hoard, which also leads to a more serious imbalance between supply and demand of craftsmen in their field

4. The overheated global economy triggered a boom in the automotive industry. In November, China had 865000 cars, an increase of 21.7%, including 482000 cars, an increase of 25.8%. A large number of consumer bargain hunting. Seasonal callbacks cannot be expanded

technical aspect: the price has broken through the previous high point. The super bull market Wulang 3 communicates ⑤ through the serial port (COM number) on the back of the computer

operation strategy: long on the premise of setting stop loss. Ru803 target position: 26500, stop loss position: 23000

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