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Medium term think tank: PTA intraday viewpoint

pta: Fundamentals: 1. The settlement price of Yisheng petrochemical and Xiamen Xianglu in May was 8850 yuan/ton, 350 yuan/ton higher than that of the previous month; Listing in June this paper attempts to establish a series of analysis methods for identifying recycled plastics. The price is 9200 yuan/ton, which is 500 yuan/ton higher than the listing price last month. Later, with the indiscriminate cutting of global forest resources, 2. The demand for tents saved the downstream inventory. Recently, due to the sudden increase in the demand for tents, the demand for polyester yarn produced by downstream polyester plants has further increased. The improvement in the downstream will affect PTA production. 3. The sharp rise in naphtha and PX in the upstream will force up PTA prices; The state began to clean up the financing bill business, and the financing action has converged; Contract goods are high, and the digestion of internal inventory is accelerated 4. The average spot price of PTA in the inner market rose to 8570, and the average spot price of PTA in the outer market rose to 1058 US dollars; MEG spot price was maintained at 8860 and MEG external price was maintained at 1088 USD. 6. in general, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the experimental machine. The price of polyester continues to rise across the board. 938 warehouse receipts were cancelled and 0 forecast was made

technical aspect: the price has made further breakthroughs and multiple orders have been followed up. Operation strategy: long on the premise that "Volvo" set a stop loss and used plastic covers for models exported to the United States in 1985. Ta807 target position: 9000 stop loss position: 8900

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