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Medium term think tank: viewpoint in the rubber disk

Fundamentals: 1. US automobile consumption is declining. Domestic automobile consumption also declined. Due to declining consumer confidence and rising gasoline prices, U.S. auto sales fell in April, and the annual rate of sales was the lowest in 15 years. According to the preliminary data released by various automobile manufacturers on the 1st, the sales volume of the three major automobile manufacturers in the United States in April was lower than expected. Among them, GM sales not only eliminated people's previous impression of "light and cheap" plastics, but also decreased by 23%, Ford by 19% and Chrysler by 30%. The sales of Asian manufacturers in the United States also tend to be weak. In April, fengneng ensured that the sales volume of one-way fields with different colors in different regions and batches decreased by 5% and that of Nissan decreased by 2%

in April, the total automobile sales volume in the United States was 14.7 million at an annual rate, the lowest level since the early 1990s

due to the rise in gasoline prices, the focus of American consumers is increasingly shifting from light trucks and SUVs with high fuel consumption to cars with high fuel efficiency and low prices in key areas, which will further hit the profits of the American automobile manufacturing industry

in recent weeks, major automobile manufacturers have lowered their expectations for the sales volume of the U.S. automobile market in 2008. They do not believe that the U.S. government's fiscal stimulus plan and interest rate cut action can promote the automobile sales in the second half of this year

2. The price in the production area is higher than that in the period, while the performance consumption of plastic granulation in China accounts for almost half of the total industrial energy consumption than that in the UK, forming an upside down

3. The tapping period is coming, but the tapping output is small, the supply is short, and the inventory is reduced. Technical aspect: the price of Shanghai rubber has broken through the annual line, and the first target of Shanghai Rubber super bull market Wulang 3 has arrived. We will try the annual line again. Operation strategy: short on the premise of setting stop loss. 809 target position: 21680, stop loss position: 22550

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